Freezing BD Fanservice Review Episode 11

After a little break, it is time to continue with Freezing reviews.

Episode 11

Outside the academy, Elize is still fighting against the novas

Ingrid pantsu time, Creo and Attia get ready too.

Arnett has some nice thighs.

More pantsu flash as Attia and the others fight the nova form pandoras.

Elizabeth arrives to help!

Both teachers have great bodies, too bad we didn’t get more of them, especially Yumi.

Crotches didn’t have that much detail on this ep.

Cassie Nova form keeps beating everyone, nice nipple bumps there.

Satella finally lands a blow on her.

So bright but i can see a nipple right there.

And with Elizabeth defeat the episode ends.


Mostly an episode focused on plot but it still manages to have some good panty-shots and nipples.The 3rd year Pandoras also got some deserved screen time.


First season of Freezing did a great job adapting the manga and even adding more fan service to the anime. Plot isn’t something great but nothing awful either and the great amount of PLOT makes it worth it. It has a good amount of girls variety, although some of them like Ganessa are left aside as the series progresses.


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