Konohana Kitan Fanservice Review episodes 4-8

Catching up.  The middle portion of this series sadly doesn’t have much to report, though it does get better later.


Episode 4


Some screen-cropping here.  An easy change for nipples if they want it.  That egg is staying put though, it’s part of the story.


Depending on what they do with the water, there are some chances here.


Episode 6


Again, there’s some chances here if they want them, though nothing great even if it happens.

Episodes five, seven and eight were without any notable potential.  However, episodes nine and ten were looking a lot better, or at least getting back to the same level the early episodes had.  Look for a report on those episodes in the near future.

If this series were made by any company other than Lerche, I wouldn’t even bother speculating.  Lerche has been in this situation before and delivered.  That said, by gut feel it does feel unlikely.  I guess we’ll see.