Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 10


Doing risky things in the classroom.


This week we get a minute and a half of extra content in the r18 version and more importantly some new service not done yet in the form of a different sex position this time.


Souichirou is still at the school on the night of the dance having had to deal with a crowd of girls around him the whole time telling him to go to the dance with Nano. He mentions that he knows about the story of how those that go to the dance will be together forever just like Nano told Kuga in the previous episode and assumes Nano and Kuga will be going. He notices Nano near the classroom later and thinks she must be waiting for Kuga.

Nano tells Souichirou what she did by lying to Kuga to set him up with that other girl from the previous episode and how terrible of a person she is for doing it. This is probably because that girl will be heartbroken when Kuga rejects her on the night of the dance and not only that Kuga will realize that Nano tricked and lied to him. Nano talks about how conflicted she is over everything and how it keeps getting harder the more she starts liking Kuga. Souichirou after hearing this and having previously known about her issues when she told him in a previous episode decides to finally confess to her.

Souichirou tells Nano that as kids he would always let Kuga have what he wanted even if he didn’t want to do it. But he can’t do that anymore and even though Kuga wants Nano he also does as well and wants her to be with him instead of Kuga.

Before she can respond to Souichirou’s confession Kuga appears and sees them. Souichirou decides to leave when that happens without explaining anything to Kuga. Kuga had just gotten back from the meeting with the other girl that Nano had set him up with and as a result he assumes the reason she did that was so she could meet with his brother in the classroom instead. If you are watching the standard version then the next scene you get after this is..

Otherwise in the r18 version you get the following..

Kuga asks why she chooses to be with his brother despite how much he loves her instead. Before she can answer the question Kuga kisses her and has sex right there in the classroom.

Nano thinks about how he was always nice to her all the time and yet she still set him up with that other girl and lied about it hurting him. Kuga then talks about how he wants everyone to know that they are together so no one can take her away from him. Since they didn’t use a condom this time unlike the previous times he thinks maybe that would work but then decides to pull out at the end (final episode foreshadowing maybe?).

Also you might notice something off in that webm if you don’t blink. Looks like they screwed up a frame.

Apparently the school must be in silent hill since Nano has no head or even other parts of her lower body anymore if you notice the bottom area is blank too. Kind of strange seeing this but I guess they didn’t have enough time to fix it. Now back to the show.

At this point the r18 content ends and both versions match up. Though there is obvious censorship in the standard version.

Nano tells Kuga she is sorry for what she did as they both cry. Kuga who still doesn’t know she loves him asks her that even if she doesn’t love him then to at least not let him experience seeing her being with someone else because of how much he cares about her. Nano thinks about how at this point she truly loves him and she can’t deny herself anymore with the issues she has been facing about it.

The next day Nano tries to talk to Kuga so she can fully explain everything but he doesn’t want to and walks away avoiding her. While at home she thinks about all the things she likes about him and how much she misses him since he is avoiding her now. At this moment her phone rings and the episode ends.


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This episode was another long one in terms of extra content in the r18 version which is good since it gave us some decent amount of service. The fact that we got a different sex position this time is good news as well because it helps keep sex scenes from becoming boring and more of the same. Storywise we got the required drama resulting from a misunderstanding which seems to be a common theme in shows like this as all 3 have done this now. With only 2 episodes left it might get resolved next episode and set things up for Nano to confess which is obviously going to happen and signal the end. Let’s hope when that confession does happen they go all out with a resulting sex scene that happens afterwards and plenty of extended time in the r18 version to accommodate.

That animation error actually interests me a lot. Plenty of times we see animation in which some part of the scene is off camera and I have always wondered if there was anything there and what was drawn. Naturally you would think if it wasn’t on camera why waste time drawing it but I would assume that drawing it even if very rough sketch like would help in drawing the rest of it. At least that is what I would do even if I was told to draw a picture that had a limited viewing point for those looking at it. Just seems like the other parts even if not seen would be helpful to draw in while you draw the full picture. I guess it probably depends on the show and the person doing the animation but I assume different shows might not draw anything at all such as shown here while some draw the parts but only non detail just to give a reference for drawing the other parts while some others do go all out and draw the entire scene even if we the viewers can’t see it.