Freezing BD Fanservice Review Specials 01-02

Aaah, it’s good to be back

Hey there! After more than one year hiatus because of some boring real life stuff, I’m finally back and ready to start doing reviews once again. I missed the Fapservice community so much!

Since I promised in my latest review that Freezing specials were the next thing on the line, I will keep my word and finally finish with Freezing Season 1. In case you want to see my old reviews from the main series you can do it here and you can check the video compilation done by Wizard here

Without further delay let’s get right into the fun stuff!

Special 01

As always this specials are some random frisky moments so I’m not gonna add much in the way of comments. Fun fact about the title is that ironically, Satellizer doesn’t wear her glasses at any moment in this one.

Pandoras should make sure they don’t catch a cold or their Volt Texture will not work, Satella’s fancy lingerie is always nice to see.

Not the best nipple design but i’m still glad to see Satellizer titties bouncing all around.

Rana joins in for some Yuri action and trying to take advantage later.

Ganessa also wants to join to the naked party, she is such a cutie!

And with both guys knocked out and Satella’s ass, the first special ends.


Special 02

Nothing better to start than a bath with 4 naked beauties.

Second episode in a row with some yuri scenes in it!

Anime needs more thongs.

I love Satella when she’s acting cute and embarrassed. It makes her hotter.

Chiffon appears when Elizabeth was about to tell how her first room visit was.

Chiffon with her eyes opened is such a rare sight.

We don’t get to know how it was but looking at Chiffon reaction, it seemed to be funny.


Both of the episodes manage to have a very good amount of nude screen time and feature a nice variety of girls. Too bad that girls like Cleo and Attia don’t get that much nude shots compared to the others but at least the yuri scenes were fun to watch.




Not all my Webm’s were included in the review, you can find the album links with the rest of them here : SP01 SP02