Miru Tights: Fanservice Review Episode 2



In this episode we discover that Yua, the girly girl of the previous episode is actually a thot internet celebrity that enjoys wearing cosplay and twitting her own pics to worshippers…


So we get ero-maid Yua…

(the concerned expression of this cat is self-explanatory)                 


…Bunny-girl Yua…


…and nurse Yua.


All the while Ren (the other girl, the not dumb one) gets pretty concerned.

(Do these schoolgirl waitresses ever actually work?)



WebM AlbumEpisode 2

Overall thoughts: It’s a pretty enjoyable and short show. Even if admittedly the story it’s not its strong suit, the charadesign is quite good and consistent. But if they make another episode like this I’ll just slap it whole on the review and be done, ’cause I literally screened all of it but 30 seconds.