Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 12 (FINAL)

Way to go!! Thunder God Susanoo!! (^^)/

While Keiichiro was on his way to save Kiriko, the Shinsengumi trio is there to stop him…

Calm yo tits bae~ Maika helps Keiichiro to get past them with her airship. I didn’t know that guns can be effective against giant robot. XD

Meanwhile, Kiriko was being harassed by Houkoin in the prison.

Although the Shinsengumi manage to destroy her guns, Maika still got the upper hand with her airship. (^^)

Time is running out for Keiichiro. Chiharu and Hyougo manage to sneak into the enemy’s territory to save Kiriko. However, they were defeated easily by Houkoin.

And now, it’s a showdown between Keiichiro and Shigeyoshi…..

Shigeyoshi got the upper hand at first, but after some kind of devine intervention, Kiriko was back together with Keiichiro. They both ride on Susanoo together and Susanoo transformed into Thunder God Susanoo!!

Finally, Shigeyoshi was defeated and the town was back in peace. (^_^) However, the bad guys are still out there preparing for their next strike!!

Will there be another season 2 for this show?? I doubt it. But if there is, I’ll definitely watch it to know more about it!! (^_-) Now, lets head over to the ratings……


Ratings: (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening/Ending: 10 The opening song was really nice!! It got me really hyped to watch every episode of this anime!! (^^)b The ending theme was also very nice which makes this anime with a very good opening theme and ending theme. Good Job!!

Character Development: 9 First of all, I really like the idea of giant robots appearing in historical period. I think Michael Bay should adapt more of this idea into his transformers sequels. No doubt I really like the hot girls appearing in his movies, but giant robots appearing in modern days is way too generic. Instead of Transformers artifacts that passed down since ancient times, I was hoping to see more story development in those historical times. Besides that, the developing relationship between Keiichiro and Kiriko who didn’t meet eye to eye from the beginning is quite interesting. However, the only thing that I din’t like is the ending seems a bit too rushed until there’s not much of mecha action shown in the final showdown.

Ecchi: 9 The idea of giant robot being hidden underneath the bathhouse was pretty ecchi. Whenever, Susanoo is being summoned, there will always be an onsen bath scence. XD Furthermore, piloting Susanoo together with different hot girls is pretty ecchi too. Overall, we get to see alot of onsen bath scence, boobs groping and bondage throughout the anime.

Illustrations: 8 The characters, the boobs and the giant robot designs looks amazing!! All of them looks very well drawn. Too bad there wasn’t much movement throughout the anime such as mecha movement and also gainaxing. Maybe the production cost was very limited. But overall, it was still good.

Fanservice: 9 There is so much fanservice in this anime but it could probably been better in its not because of the static motion. If it’s not because of the limited cost, the fanservice could have been much better.

Average: 9 This anime is pretty good and it was definitely worth watching for their hot girls and fanservice!! (^^)/ Well, this is just my own opinion, feel free to share your thoughts about this anime in the comment section~

Lastly, thanks for reading everyone!! Hope you all enjoyed the fanservice review!! Stay tuned and see ya~!! (^^)v