Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 5


Good things happen when taking a bath with best girl.


This episode set a new record for these r18 shows in terms of extra length for the r18 version. The total amount of extra time in the r18 version this time is around 2 minutes and 15 seconds. When you consider the normal version is 3 minutes and 30 seconds that makes it that this extra content is about 2/3 the length of a full episode which almost makes it as long as an entire separate episode itself added on. We of course get sex during this extra time period as well as some other things. This episode easily beats out everything we have seen from these shows so far in content.


After this the show cuts to the censored image screen that has remained the same throughout so no use showing it again. If watching the r18 version though you get the following…

Picking up from the end of the previous episode Sosuke and Sunao proceed to do stuff in the bathroom. Yuki hears her making noise and asks what is wrong and Sunao just tells her she is practicing her acting so Yuki leaves while Sosuke and Sunao continue on. After this is when the r18 content ends and both versions join up.

Yuki still is worried about Sunao and the noises she is making so she comes back to check on her (should had told her she was taking a massive shit so she would not question it). When they hear her get ready to open the door Sosuke hides and she runs to answer Yuki. She tells her that she got a big acting role so she was happy and was just practicing loudly. Yuki believes her but then notices Sosuke’s clothes at the door but doesn’t say anything.

Afterwards when Sosuke returns to the room he sees Yuki sad as she tells him that she knows what he was doing after having seen his clothes. She starts to think he hates her but before he can explain to her that he likes her instead she stops listening to him as he worries that he ruined things with her again.

The next day Sunao tells everyone she has gotten tickets to a hotspring for the three of them to go to because she wants them to have fun together. Yuki says she doesn’t want to go and that time period is also when the room is supposed to be repaired so she has to stay there. With a bit of convincing though about food they are able to get her to agree to it and so the repairs are delayed as the three of them head to the hotspring.

After getting to the hotspring Sosuke sees that it isn’t a mixed one and has to go to the male side while the two of them go to the female one. While there Sunao and Yuki talk with Yuki revealing she has never dated anyone before as Sunao tells her she knows that she likes Sosuke. Yuki tries to deny it while Sunao tells her that she likes him as well. This leads to Yuki asking why she didn’t come there with him alone instead of bringing her. Sunao tells her that she likes to have fun together and so she wanted all of them to go together as a group. Afterwards they both start getting along together unaware that Sosuke is listening in to their conversation. He starts thinking to himself what two girls both liking him and being friends with each other could result in and imagines the threesomes that might be possible now as the episode ends.



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This episode was not only the best so far for the show but easily the best episode so far for all the r18 shows we have had since they began. For the previous shows we would get on average only a minute of extra content in the r18 version with it only sometimes going slightly over that. This time however we got over 2 minutes which is really nice as it meant not as much would need to be cut due to time constraints when they do that. We got a sex scene and the scene lasted longer than just a few seconds thanks to this longer than normal extra time. This is just what these r18 shows need to do when it comes to the r18 version by including this much. At this point the show has already surpassed the previous r18 shows and I really hope these male oriented ones happen more often as this is more entertaining than the josei shows we had before.

The important thing though is that they keep up what we saw done here in this episode since now they have established high expectations for the remaining episodes. I’m not expecting over 2 minutes of extra content every week though that would be nice but hopefully the extra time remains significant. Now that they have established to us how far they are willing to go with extra stuff we can only hope they do this again and maybe even surpass it with a future episode. Overall this show is putting these r18 shows in the right direction they need to go. We got a male oriented one, multiple female characters with another yet to appear, and more importantly a major amount of extra time in the r18 version that it almost equals the length of a whole extra episode. Definitely a major step forward for these types of shows and hopefully it continues.

Bathtub sex is annoying in hentai. Making perfect loops of the scene is impossible because of the water moving in all different directions. Also I hate the thought of water getting into places it shouldn’t. That is a good way to get a uti. Plus water always blocks seeing half the body. Hotsprings episodes in anime bug the shit out of me for this reason since we don’t get to see the girl fully nude but cut off halfway in most cases. Fuck the water. Makes your movement slow and in videogames is the source of many nightmares like the drowning music in sonic.