Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 2

A youkai loli might be older than your granny~ >.<

The story begins with Chiharu a fox youkai being harassed by a man.

The next day, the public bathhouse is under reconstruction after being destroyed by the giant robot, Susanoo. The lady in red, Kiriko explains to Keiichiro that she was from a ninja tribe sent to protect him so that he can pilots Susanoo to save Japan. XD

In order to pilot Susanoo, Keiichiro must be a virgin and in order to do that, he was placed under a curse that he will gets allergic reactions when to gets close to a woman. Keiichiro’s granny encourages Kiriko to protects his virginity too. XD

Keiichiro is reluctant to admit the curse. So, he travels to the red-light district in order to have fun with women together with his sworn brother.

That’s a funny place to keep your wallet. XD Suddenly, Kiriko appeared. Chiharu got away with Keiichiro’s wallet while he was distracted.

She was later confronted by a police officer as the man from earlier on reported her. After realizing his wallet was stolen, Keiichiro immediately rush out to search for Chiharu.

They soon battle each other with Kiriko staying out of it. In the end, Keiichiro manage to get all the stolen wallet back. (^_^)

Chiharu got away but later develops a crush for Keiichiro. She went to find Keiichiro, trying to get close to him. However, she appears to be a hindrance for Kiriko. XD

That’s it for the review of this episode. Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for more fanservice in the next episode where the mysterious lady strikes back!! (^^)v