Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 12 (FINAL):

Is this the end? It’s probably just the beginning !! (^^)v

In this episode, Akutsu flashed back his meeting with Yoshiko since 10 years ago.

And this explains why she loves banana so much. XD

Akutsu was irritated by Yoshiko’s constant harassment. He decided to train himself to be strong so that he can fights Yoshiko.

Unfortunately, he got himself sick and Yoshiko took care of him by sleeping with him. XD

After some time, Akutsu came up with a plan to keep Yoshiko away from him. However, it didn’t turn out well. XD

He thinks acting as a pervert can keeps her away. Instead, she took off her panties and put it on his head. XD

After that, Yoshiko said she remembered their meeting 10 years ago too. She even flashed to show that she was wearing the same underwear from 10 years ago too. XD

It made Akutsu so angry that he gave her an uppercut that made her reaching the sky!! XD

Finally, it’s finished !! Let’s proceed to the ratings…. (^^)/

Ratings: (On a scale of 10 to 0)

Opening: 10 The cheerful opening song Zenryouku Summer from Angela really brought up the hype to watch this anime!! Aside from that, the opening for each episode has their own different story which makes this anime more interesting. (^_^)

Character development: 8 The character development for this anime is pretty smooth with all the characters appearing accordingly. Their background and personality traits are also clearly explained. Lastly, it also explains why Yoshiko loves banana so much !! XD

Comedy: 10 Is it possible not to laugh while watching this anime?? Clearly, this anime has done a good job for it’s comedy with a lot of madness from Yoshiko!! I highly recommend you guys to watch this anime when you’re in a bad mood as it can cheer you up effectively.

Illustrations: 6 Their illustration is way too simple and general. The facial expression from the characters are also way too laid back even when they’re not in chibi form. Maybe it’s because of some budget restrictions? I don’t know about that.

Fanservice: 6 Although there’s alot of panstu fanservice throughout this anime, almost all of them is from Yoshiko with the same pattern all the time. Hence, I would describe the fanservice of this anime is very consistently inconsistent. It could have been higher with more appearance from the boob president.

Average: 8 Still, this anime is pretty worth watching for it’s comedy to let off some steam.

That’s it. Thanks for reading everyone and hope you guys are enjoying the review!! (^^)v