Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 1

Hey everyone !! (^_^) Allow me to introduce you a mecha anime filled with large amount of fanservice!!!

First of all, lets introduce our main hero Keiichiro Tokugawa, an ambitious man who can’t control is fiery energy to take on fights to become the strongest man in the world!! Although he has dominated Nagasaki, he is still not satisfied enough.

Keiichiro was raised in a bathhouse managed by his granny. His “sworn brother” Hyakusuke is always beside him. He is very proud of his topknot hairstyle. XD

Meanwhile, a series of incident is occurring at the town where men are serially murdered by a mysterious prostitute in red. A lady in red appeared in front of Keiichiro too. (^^)

Keiichiro was arrested as he was suspected for being the culprit of the serial murdering incident.  The lady in red then visits the bath house for a bath. (^^) Keiichiro managed to escape from the cops and starts finding the lady in red.

The lady in red finds out and confronts them straight away…

Keiichiro wakes up and only recalled that he touches her boobs. He was later arrested for being suspicious of another serial murdering incident that occurred in the town.

Keiichiro made his escape again to pursue the lady in red. The lady in red later saves him from some assassins from approaching him.

Soon, the mysterious serial killer was revealed.

After that, a giant robot appeared with the mysterious serial killer lady piloting it. The lady in red brings Keiichiro back to the bathhouse. His granny tells Keiichiro that he’s the successor of the Tokugawa household and has the ability to pilot a giant robot Susanoo that is buried underneath the town.

With his new found abilities, Keiichiro takes on the giant robot!!

Keiichiro managed to defeat the giant robot and the mysterious lady retreats.

In the end, the town was back in peaceful order. However, something ecchi is lurking elsewhere….

That it for the review of this episode!! Thanks for reading everyone, hoped you guys enjoyed it!! Stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)b