Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 10 & 11:

Let’s continue with some madness from Aho Girl again !! XD

Episode 10:

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time as I was busy with some other things in real life. In this episode, Yoshiko is taking her dog for a run!! Eventually, she raced with a motorcyclist along the highway. XD

After that, she went to play with the playground kids. The role-playing game turns out to be a crazy romantic drama. XD

In the meanwhile, the boob president is trying to be friends with Ruri so that she can gets closer to Akutsu. However, Yoshiko’s mother is there to get in her way.

They started a panty swiping contest. Yoshiko’s mother is surprised with the boob president abilities and she took her leave. Ruri only realized that her underwear went missing when she went back.

I would say this is probably the craziest episode in this anime. XD

Episode 11:

This episode highlights Yoshiko being down because her special banana frappuccino is sold out in many places. Ryuichi get beaten up by the deliquents from Dick High school for trying to get her a banana frappuccino.

Yoshiko decided to attack Dick High school for revenge !!

In the end, Yoshiko gets her revenge by having them savoring the taste of banana!! XD

That’s it for today (^^)/ hope you guys are enjoying the reviews of Aho Girl so far. Stay tune for the last review of Aho Girl to know what I have to say about this anime!! Thanks for reading. (^^)v