Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 11



Festival date time.


Looks like they did go backwards like the end of the previous episode implied with them going all the way back to chapter 7 for this episode. The big downside is that this episode probably has the least amount of service the show has had so far (It was hard to even make a cover image since I like to use four images and there isn’t even that amount of service in this one). Made more annoying considering this chapter did have some but they skipped over it.


Hanabi is outside resting when Konomi shows her what she will be wearing at the festival. Yuu mentions that Konomi is going with someone from school which Konomi says is only because she can’t go with Hanabi since in the previous episode Iori made Hanabi agree to go with her.

For some reason they changed Hanabi’s clothes from the manga which felt like a downgrade since the clothes in the manga version felt better since it gave at least some cleavage.

The most annoying change is about to come though.

Iori shows up while they are talking and tells Hanabi she is ready to leave and they walk off. Konomi then hears Yuu talking about her plans and realizes she is the only one without someone.

Considering this episode’s lack of service that makes the decision to skip what happened here in the manga really odd. We should had gotten some Yoriko service here that takes place in the manga in which the buttons on her clothes fall off leaving her in her bathing suit underneath before the dog starts licking the water off her. If you look closely on the first page you can even see Yoriko’s nipples making clothing imprints since only that small bathing suit is left to shield them. A pretty big loss to not keep this in.

Would had been the highlight of the episode if they had kept it in.

After they arrive at the festival Hanabi notices how mature Iori looks in her outfit and starts to wonder if that is what Konomi wanted her to say to her when she showed off her’s earlier. Iori eventually asks to have her picture taken with the camera she brought. Hanabi is surprised she would think to bring that but at least is learning more about her. Though I would be more surprised that people still use cameras like that.

After spending some time at the festival, Hanabi finally sees Konomi with her friend there.

Hanabi watches Konomi with her friend and realizes that she never really sees her interacting with anyone else besides everyone back home. As she starts to think about Konomi with someone else she starts to get implications of jealousy. Before she can think more it starts to rain and her and Iori run to get out of it and the episode ends.



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Not really any service in this episode other than the apple part kind of. Next week is the last episode and since this chapter still has some more left in the manga I’m going to assume the rest will be used for the final episode and probably have some anime original stuff added to it in order to make it a more conclusive episode since the chapter itself doesn’t really work as a place to end the show on. Hopefully they add some service as well since it would be a shame if the episode before this was the last time we got any.

I hate candy apples for a number of reasons. The first being I hate sweets being added to fruit as that ruins the point of fruit being healthy in the first place. Just as bad as adding sugar to stuff like rice krispies. Second I remember as a kid on halloween hating houses that gave out candy apples instead of candy. They were individually packaged and heavy. What the fuck you know we are going to be carrying around a bag all night with candy and you put that heavy shit in? I think those were worse than the people who gave out religious pamphlets with pretzels in them because at least those did not add to your weight burden stat.