High School DxD Hero Fanservice Review Episode 09

Issei gets a naked pep talk before the big showdown with Sairaorg.


There’s a cool montage of flashbacks from previous seasons, including a revisit of Issei’s bathtub experience with Rias, updated for new character designs (and nipples).


Issei starts wallowing in self-pity, but is interrupted Akeno’s voice.  He whips his head around and sees…




Issei tells all the girls he loves them, and they clearly love him too.  He’s one of the luckiest men in all of anime.


Le Fay Pendragon in the eyecatch, nice!





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End of fanservice.


Overall Thoughts


We get one big nice fanservice scene before what is sure to be an action oriented final three episodes.  Hopefully, and I think it’s likely, everything will wrap up with maybe a half episode to go and the series will go out with a fanservice bang as is often the case in these kinds of shows.

As far as this episode itself, the big nude scene also serves as an important plot scene as well (a common trend in Hero).  Most of the episode focused on story, including a surprise cameo by Riser Phenex.

Many astute readers pointed out last week that Issei’s confidence issues spring from his bad first encounter with Raynare.  That’s dealt with directly this week as the harem helps heal Issei and boost his confidence with their (very naked) loving caress.

The character design seemed a bit off this week, but otherwise it was another good episode for a series that appears to be well on its way to success.  It’s my understanding that DxD Hero is currently 3rd in pre-orders among 2018 Spring anime (source: Getchu).

Whatever you think of this particular DxD season, I think we can all agree that the genre was in desperate need of a financial success.  With so many viable ecchi manga and light novels yet to be adapted, it’s good to see a commercial success that might hopefully inspire more ecchi anime to get the green light.

Next week might not have much service at all, but hopefully the battles aren’t too boring and the character interactions continue to be enjoyable.