Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 3

The mysterious lady strikes back!!! (^^)b

The episode begins in an old abandon house where the mysterious lady, Houkouin is discussing something with another female ninja.

In the meanwhile, Chiharu is progressing well with her advancement towards Keiichiro. However, Kikiro ruins their hot and steamy atmosphere. XD

Afterwards, the female ninja disguised herself as Keiichiro to lure Kiriko out so that she could seize her. However, she let her guard down and Kiriko locked her down instead. XD It’s seems that the people from ninja tribe is pretty good when it comes to technique. (^_^)

While Kiriko was away, Houkouin attacks the town with her giant robot. Hence, Kiriko rushed back to the town.

While she’s on her way back, Keiichiro was thrown to her way. To fight the giant robot, Kiriko pass Keiichiro the item to summon Susanoo. Once again, the bath house collapsed. XD  Susano was unable to move as Keiichiro was required to pilot it together with another girl beside him.

Susanoo chooses Chiharu instead of Kiriko to fight along with Keiichiro. Together, Susanoo TRANSFORM!!!

What?? A dinosaur?! Houkouin fondle her boobs again. It’s been awhile I haven seen any mecha anime that needs to fondle boobs while fighting?? I’m hoping for another anime like Kenzen Robo Daimidaler!! Damn, I missed it!! (T^T)

After defeating Houkouin, they were all happy with the victory and the new found ability.

Poor Kiriko as she was left out of the celebration. Keiichiro’s granny was there to cheer her up and advises her not to give up so easily. Way to go ,Kiriko!! (^^)/

That all for the review for this episode. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! See ya (^^)v