Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 TV Fanservice Review Episode 21, 22 & 23

It’s coming to an end. Is it? XD

Episode 21:

Hi everyone, finally there’s enough fanservice to make a post (^_^)/. In this episode, Joichiro Saiba tells a story about his time at Tootsuki College.

Back then, he was among the elite ten in Tootsuki Academy, 

Winning too many shokugeki and competition makes him losing his interest in cooking at some time. So, he decided to leave Tootsuki College to try out different things. Eventually, he’s back in cooking again. XD

Episode 22: 

This episode, Yukihira and his team arrived on an island to challenge the Central on a team shokugeki. It was followed by Alice and the other Polar Star residents on a different route.

Everyone was dejected by their own defeat. And now, here are the contestants. XD The rebels team vs the Central team!!

However, the defeated rebels are locked up in the cage. (T^T) Sad for them….

And now the Shokugeki begins!! Unfortonately for Yukihira, he got a topic which is a specialty of his opponents. XD

After some time thinking, Yukihira had an idea on whats he’s coming out with. XD

Everyone is watching closely to the match.

Episode 23:

As the match goes on, everyone is anxious about how Yukihira and his friends doing.

The officials from the World Gourmet Organization arrives as judges for the Shokugeki battle.

It appears that Jurio finished his dished first. He presents his Unagi Stew dish to the judges. All the judges appears to get buffed upon tasting his dish.

I like the boobs for the judges to be like that!! (^^)b However, I dont like the manservice here as it reminds me of some black creature from an anime like this!!!

(This is from the anime Terraformars)

Soon, it’s Ishiki’s turn now. He’s using the materials he got from the Polar Star Residents!!

The resulting dish easily beats the dish presented by Julio just now. XD

And now, it remains to be seen what will Yukihira be presenting next!!

Stat tuned for the last episode of fanservice review for Shokugeki no Soma Season 3!! Thanks for reading everyone!! Hope that there will be more fanservice to come!!