Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 5

A kiss is what you need to solve your problems !! (^_^)

This episode is more into the character development of Keiichiro and Kiriko. It all starts with Keiichiro’s granny reading something. She then suddenly coughs out blood and Kiriko saw it too. 

Keiichiro was later called up by his granny who later got ambushed with his granny trying to kiss him. It was later revealed that a kiss from a girl is required to break his curse from getting close to girls.  Keiichiro said that he will solve it out himself without the help from his granny.

In the meanwhile, it was some festival celebrations at the town. While Hyakusuke was sight seeing, he saw Chiharu being harassed by someone. He immediately confronted that man.

Afterwards, Kiriko was encourage by Keichiro’s granny to kiss Keichiro so that it can breaks his curse. However, Kiriko vows to protect his virginity so that he’s able to pilot Susanoo to save Japan later.

Keichiro later approaches Chiharu to ask for a kiss. However, it was prevented by Kiriko.

Keiichiro was feeling down after Kiriko slapped him. Hyougo sit with Keiichiro to cheer him up while Keiichiro’s granny brings Kiriko to visits somehwere.

Keiichiro’s granny tells Kiriko that she was good friends with Keichiro’s mother when she was younger. Keiichiro’s mother passed away not long after giving birth to Keiichiro. Since Keiichiro has grown up, she wish to give Keiichiro a choice to live as a normal person or pilot Susanoo to save Japan since she understand everyone is only a small part in the universe.

After that, some fighting scene takes place as Keiichiro helps his sworn brother to fend off some gangsters.

Keiichiro’s granny wonders how many more fireworks and festival celebrations can she still enjoy in her life.

After that, Kiriko meets Keiichiro at the riverside. He made his feelings clear as he’s not going to kiss Kiriko as he plans to pilot Susanoo. He’s used to the cursed anyway. XD

Kiriko tells Keiichiro about granny’s health. They both rushed back to see her only to find her coughing badly.

It seems that she’s been coughing because of a fish bone stuck in her throat. After coughing it out, she’s all better right now. (^_^) Everyone was relieved. Later in the middle of the night, Kiriko sneaks into Keiichiro’s room to kiss him so that he’s free from the curse.

However, things got abit awkward for Keiichiro and Kiriko on the next day. XD!!

That it for the character development episode. Stay tuned for more fanservice in the coming episode!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v