Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 6

Things got more and more interesting here… with more busty characters!! (^^)/

In this episode, the story begins with the antagonist side. Japan is now being governed by many corrupted officials. Shigeyoshi is planning to get rid of all of them and take control of everything. Oh, he’s a guy…

Meanwhile, the Shinsengumi trio are working under Shigeyoshi. They have nice figure too!!

The chief and the country officials is planning to sell Onigami to western dealers for more advanced weapons. Their conversation is being eavesdropped by one of the Shinsengumi. Later that night, Shigeyoshi found that the shogun was already dead before he could kill him.

She informs the other Shinsengumi to discuss on what to do next. Houkoin also appears to give them some advice.

The Shinsengumi report this to Shigeyoshi but it seems that he has other plans for it. The other Shinsengumi went to seduce to chief to assasinated him. But eventually, she failed.

Not sure why is the chief official so scared of her after that. XD Later, Shigeyoshi attack the shogun’s concubine and was surrounded. The other Shinsengumi can’t go anything much about it too as there’s guns pointing at them from behind.

Soon, Shigeyoshi was brought for execution at the assembly…

Shigeyoshi revealled the truth of what the official chief is planning and he unleashed his inner powers and creates an earthquake. The shinsengumi takes this opportunity to attack in the chaotic situation.

Shigeyoshi got his amulet back after killing the official chief. He then proceeds to summon the giant robot Takemikazuchi. After that, the massacre continues…..

At the same time, Houkoin was watching at the rooftop saying Shigeyoshi is an interesting person. XD

That it for the fanservice review of this episode. Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v