Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 9

It’s romance or voyeurism at the bath house?? (^_^) The tension is building up!!

The episode starts with Keiichiro bringing Kiriko to some isolated for some intimacy!! Wow!!

Sadly, Kiriko pushed him away. XD She feels sad about it later on….Meanwhile, Houkoin is at the rooftop again watching them.

Hyakusuke was feeling down too as he was rejected by Chiharu.

A stunning lady entered the bathhouse. Keiichiro takes Hyakusuke to have a peek on her!! Unfortunately, Keiichiro’s granny caught them in the act. XD However, she’s too old to chase after them.

While Keiichiro looks after his granny, the fanservice in the bathhouse continues… (^^)/

Afterwards, Keiichiro helps his granny to manage the bathhouse.

While Kiriko approaches Keiichiro to talk about his feelings and Susanoo, things got pretty awkward between Chiharu and Hyakusuke.

Later on the evening, Houkoin pilots her onigami and attacks the town!! Keiichiro summons Susanoo too!! This time, Kiriko is piloting toether with him. (^^)

However, they couldn’t pilot Susanoo together. XD Susanoo went out of control. It almost hit Keiichiro’s granny. Luckily Keiichiro managed to stopped it in the nick of time. As a consequence, he lost conscious after that.

Glad that his granny didn’t get a heart attack because of that. XD Lastly, Houkoin is seen at the rooftop grinning again. XD

That’s all for the fanservice of this episode. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned to know what will be happening next!! (^^)v