Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 1


Only one thing to do when a girl falls on your dick.


So the first r18 short that is not aimed at women has now started. Like the previous ones the r18 version is longer with a runtime of a minute and 14 seconds longer than the standard version. More importantly we get to sex in the first episode which beats out all the others easily.

The main character Sosuke gets home from work thinking about the rundown apartment he lives at. As he is entering his room he runs into the landlord Yuki and tells her about how he works night hours. He thinks about how getting to talk to her everyday when coming home is the only thing he looks forward to. Looking at her though I can already tell she is going to be the most boring girl out of the three in this show as it seems to be a rule for the main girl to suck.

Since he works at night that means he has to sleep during the day and while trying to sleep he hears noise in the apartment above him which seems to be a common problems for him. He decides to go up there to yell at whoever is making the noise only to discover it is a woman whom is practicing to be an actress.

After finding out the person making the noise was a good looking woman he decides to let it slide and goes back to his apartment. He still hears the noise but decides it’s fine and is more happy about having someone like her living above him. As he is laying there he hears the floor creaking only for it to collapse from her walking around in her room and she falls through.

In typical ecchi series fashion he tries to save her from falling as she is stuck in the floor which only leads to him getting into compromising situations trying to grab her. The next scene is different depending on what version you are watching. In the standard version the next frame is this as well as an image indicating cut content….

If you are watching the r18 version though the scene looks different and we get the extended cut content next…

In just one episode the main character has made every main character from ecchi titles that fall into misunderstanding groping type situations like this inferior to him. He manages to not only get his dick out of his pants and have it rip through her shorts with it but also got his dick to go past her panties and inside all by perfect accident by simply having a girl fall on him. That takes skill that every ecchi lead combined has yet to match. Him not wanting to pass up on free pussy or her wanting to pass up on free dick they go at it since it’s already inside and after all japan follows the code of “it can’t be helped” all the time so might as well. Plus how often does the main character in a show get the chance to have sex with the best girl in the show in the first episode. Afterwards the next scene is where both versions of the episode continue on together.


After hearing the noise Yuki runs into the room to find out what happened only to see the two of them together. With that the episode ends. There was no ED but I’m guessing that is just because of it being the first episode so that will probably start in the next episode I assume.



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This is easily the best r18 show we have had so far. Obviously being aimed at a male audience this time means we get to the important parts quicker and sure enough while the other shows would usually take half the show or so to get to actual sex we got to it here in the first episode. At first I was worried since the first minute or so of the show had very little animation and was just pans and static images but fortunately this must had been because they were saving the budget for the actual important things since once we got to the service is when things improved really quickly with the animation. The art and animation in this certainly is better than what we got in the other r18 shows. Having Satoshi Urushihara doing the character designs for the anime has probably contributed to the art being so much better as well.

If there is one odd thing about the show though it would be the music. You have to actually watch it to hear it for yourself but the music that plays during the sex part sounds like some kind of Beethoven orchestra. Not even joking the music is hilariously unfitting to the point that I almost wonder if they didn’t tell the composer they were doing porn and just used what they made anyway. Other than that this show will probably beat out all the other r18 shows without much trouble. Hopefully this is successful like the others so they continue to make these ones aimed at male oriented manga instead of the josei ones we have had for the past year. The amount of borderline h manga that will open up for possible adaptions if this does well would be good news as well. The r18 format makes it that we can finally get stuff like that without it being toned down or altered so hopefully that ends up being the future for stuff like this.

Also this post is later than I had wanted due to the fact that getting clean raws for this is a big problem. The raw that was spread everywhere was watermarked which I really don’t want to use since I had to do that back with the last few episodes of 25sai. Was hoping a group would had picked the show up to sub with their own rip but unfortunately all the subbed versions used the same watermarked raw (I had to crop the top watermarked part of the screen out in the subbed screens). Thankfully someone decided to be a hero and uploaded their own clean rip days later and I was able to use that instead. So with that said I don’t know when next week the next post for episode 2 will be since I need to know when the clean raw will consistently get uploaded which hopefully it does so I can use that for the post instead before I can figure out a regular date I can have these posts done by.

I really do wish these shows would have a glasses girl. If they make one of these in which the main girl is a megane girl I would probably praise the show as the best thing ever. Then again it would also lead to the possibility of a rage filled rant if they did my worst fear. I want one of these with a glasses girl but only on the condition she keeps the glasses on at all times. I swear the amount of fury I would unleash if they finally did give us one in an r18 show only for her to remove her glasses during the sex part would be massive.