Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 1


Playing videogames all the time pays off.


Something to point out first is that the crunchyroll subbed version is censored. No idea if this is something they themselves did or if it was something in japan on all the non atx airings but there are lightbeams present during some parts that are not in the atx one. So make sure that is what you watch to find the current best version.


In the online game Cross Reverie the main character is explained to be the most powerful player going by the name Diablo that is feared and sought after because of how strong he is. While the main character is playing the game one night though he is transported to another world as the actual character from the game he is playing,¬† First let’s look at the opening which does have some service to it as well.

And it begins.

The main character sees that he has suddenly appeared in a fantasy world and has the appearance of his character Diablo from the game. While the two girls that summon him argue over who did the summon he discovers he is at a tower from the game he was playing and concludes these two must have summoned him into the game.

Being someone that has no social skills he has no idea how to talk to someone but then gets the idea that if he acts like he does in the game he should be fine. He tells the two of them to stop fighting and shake hands and a magical force makes them do so as collars appear on their neck.

They discover the spell that was supposed to make him their slave as a summon was reversed and made them his slaves instead. He eventually realizes the rare ring he had in the game that reflects all magic is with him and it’s powers work here as well. Eventually the girls tell him they are Shera and Rem and they head to the city to try and find a way to get the spell placed on them off. The main character decides it would be best to play off as being the demon lord and not let them know the truth and so he decides to start going by his character name Diablo to trick everyone.

After arriving at the city Shera and Rem fight over who’s room Diablo will sleep in. Eventually the inn keeper gets angry and forces them all to share the same room instead.

A woman name Celestine comes to visit them for the purpose of speaking to Rem. After learning about Diablo she asks to speak with him as well.

They explain everything that has happened and ask if there is a way to remove the collars. Diablo says he can’t and Celes doesn’t know how to either so they will have to research and figure it out on their own. Diablo gets into a fight with the man with her as he tries to keep his demon lord act up so he can get more information about why someone like her wants to talk to Rem. He isn’t told the answer but is just made aware that Rem is important and Celes wants her to come with them back to headquarters but she refuses. Eventually she leaves promising to look into removing the slave spell.

Almost makes me think I am watching a Rance anime.

Diablo having played enough videogames knows that Rem’s secret is important and so he must find it out as soon as possible and takes her to the room to make her talk.

Since she refuses to tell him her secret believing he will leave if he knows it he decides he will make her tell him by force but then starts to worry about how he will do that. He then notices her ears and decides to play with them as a means of getting her to talk.

Eventually she gives in and asks if he will truly stay with her after finding out the truth and he tells her he will.

Rem tells him that inside her is the demon lord of that world called Krebskulm and that is why Celes wanted her to go back with her to the mages headquarters since if she dies the demon lord will be released and there is no way to remove her from Rem’s body either and the fact that she has the demon lord sealed inside her is kept a secret. Diablo also recognizes the name as the name as the strongest monster in the game confirms to himself that he is now inside the game.

Diablo also finds out that the demon lord is passed on from her mother making it genetics. He than vows that he will use his power to destroy the demon lord and save her. For someone who wanted to find out her secret so he could solve the problem quickly he seems to be ignoring the solution right in front of him. If it passes on from mother to daughter then the obvious solution would be to fuck her till she gets pregnant and then when the baby is born nine months later it would have the demon lord passed onto it instead thus freeing her from it. Then you just give the baby to the mages association so they can raise it and keep it sealed away thus preventing anyone from killing it for the purpose of setting the demon lord free.

Afterwards he is resting outside to think about everything only for the guy that was with Celes earlier to show up with his group trying to start a fight with him. When he ignores them the guy summons a salamander to attack him with.

Someone is a fan of Sephiroth’s fire walking.

After the salamander attacks it causes no damage to Diablo as he knows how weak it is compared to him. He starts to attack back and destroys it easily since he himself is level 150. After the battle he realizes that he truly is his character from the game and that all that time he spent level grinding and playing it has payed off as all the strength and power he had in the game is his to use in this world as well. And with that the episode ends after the others shit themselves after seeing his power. The ED credits also has some nice stuff too.



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A pretty good first episode for the show to start on and even gave us a decent amount of service as well. Even though the atx version is uncensored compared to the english subbed version it is important to keep in mind that there is no parental lock on the atx version so not to expect nudity in this at least for the on air version. We did get some nipple impression through clothes a few times so that at least leaves hope for nudity later on. There wasn’t anything in this episode that could be nude without some redraws so for this episode at least the episode is more or less uncensored on the atx version unless we get redraws on BD. Also the BD for this show is only going to be 3 of them with 4 episodes each starting to release in September, November, and January. So the wait for the BD version should the show end up putting nudity in it won’t be as long as some others.

As for the likelihood of nudity in this it is hard to say. For a series that has the moments that it will have it would seem really strange not to make it nude so hopefully they do. The studio doing the show studio¬†Ajia-Do has done yaoi hentai long ago so I would think if the studio is fine with drawing men fucking each other in the ass then they should at least be fine with nudity hopefully but who knows. Overall though the show is at least well animated and had plenty of breasts bounce in it so they certainly know to keep this filled with service. The main character is decent and not annoying and the other characters so far are likable as well so there isn’t anything annoying character wise yet. Also the idea of having a main character that is massively overpowered compared to everyone else is something I like to see just because it leads to far more interesting situations when said main character surprises enemies with how strong they are. Since this is the second main ecchi show this season behind Yuragi it is certainly something to keep an eye on.

I really would like to see one of these “trapped in a videogame” shows end up involving the main character getting trapped in a hentai game instead. Could be done as either softcore or just make it an r18 short but that concept and idea would make for a very fappable show if done right.