Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Close your blinds and start up that VPN…  it’s time for some Milf on Jail bait.

Summon the JoeStars, there are THOTS to be slain. Well, in truth I don’t think anyone is expecting nipples out of this (maybe on BD but who the fuck knows these days). This is mainly for the eye-candy and I think those out there who prefer ladies of a “mature” nature will enjoy the visual treats in this show for sure.

That said, I will not be detailing the in-between frames of animation for every eye twitch of these girls. I don’t want this article to freeze because of 300 images and webms of the same scene. I will be covering the essential beauties and those of you out there who are curious can follow below.

Note: this episode does NOT have nipples. You have been warned if that is all you care about.



This series stars a kid named Aki, he is “our guy/kid” it would seem. Sure he may look and act timid, but he actually possesses a JoJo Stand, and its power is truly an enviably one. It comes in the form of an A-Rank ranged ability which seems to attract all members of the opposite sex directly to Aki’s location.

His Stand also never deactivates it would seem.

So far I haven’t seen any CGI abominations in the background characters, which is praise-worthy in 2018 I guess… Seems like the draw of this show is going to be in the adorableness of the women featured in it. Not that those kinds of characters can’t be hot, but “adorable” hot is a very different beast from “sexy” hot, and I wouldn’t really qualify it as ecchi. Nevertheless, the girls are adequately cute and drawn mother fucking soft as hell especially in the faces to illicit those feelings of protection.


and here she comes… the woman whose looks probably motivated the majority of the people reading this to show up in the first place.

she, along with her twin girls…

VERY fitting they play angels singing for Ayaka’s reveal, like I said, adorable hot is quite a different kind of hot, but still hot nonetheless. Her hair and eye color specifically chosen to illicit that “golden goddess” look. Too bad those over-sized funbags will likely go un-naked for the whole show… hey, at least we have fanart…………..




Christ, even the opening confirms Aki’s immense Stand power. The tarot card of conquest and female domination – Shota Chariot


Well damn… is this show actually trying to get my attention?

It’s working. I’m a sucker for the Q.T. wink


Know what… this show is starting to win me over pretty quick… sure the non-nudity is like an axe to my dick..  BUTT, something about her is just grabbing me…….. mmpf.


Gallons of Milk.


Where were you when a grown woman became a pedophile? I do wish the show at least had nipple bumps… seriously.


I realize it’s wishful thinking, but knowing how horrid anime censorship usually looks, does this or does this not look like a scene that could be uncensored on the Blu-ray? Looks promising to me, maybe this show may have the odd nipple after all…


and if there was any doubt she was the top milf in the show… her bra, of course, is an immaculate flower garden. Perfection.


A stacked milf just NEEDS those flowers.



oh, and the rest of the cast shows up too I guess…

Alright, now I’m getting even more closer to certain that the BDs might have nipples, to censor that scene in that way, I’m sure you see it as well, it just looks like it can be uncensored.

Keeping the best girls up front. I like it.


Overall a cute little episode featuring a leading lady who registers as a MMMMpf on the thiccness scale. Potential promise for BD nips, combined with an adorably soft art style, not bad for a first episode. Certainly not bad considering what I was expecting going in.

Ayaka and her beautiful breasts are obviously the meat and potatos of this show, I figure each episode is gonna follow a similar formula to this one, slice of life with a niche addition of straight shota on milf goodness from time to time. No nipples for now but I still recommend it for Ayaka’s girls.


Next week gets a milf cheerleader. Looking forward to it.





Until next time.