Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review OVA 01

Overall there was a lot to be happy about with the first installment of the Yuuna-san anime.  Everything is in the spirit of the manga original, including the ridiculous amount of fanservice.


The first nipple sightings come less than a minute in.  You knew they wouldn’t screw this up, but it was nice having confirmation come so quickly.


Not a lot of ass shots in this episode, but this one was nice.  There’s definitely an Akio Takami (Ladies vs. Butlers / Kanokon) soft bodied style at times.  Chubby curves.  Takami is not credited on the staff of this series (at least as far as I can tell) but it seems his style has rubbed off on others at Xebec.


No nipples for the uber-loli.  But that’s to be expected- the manga she doesn’t show them either.  She’s basically a ripoff of Celine from To Love-Ru, right down to the breast sucking and adult transformations!  So look forward to that.


The first two thirds of the OVA were solid for service, no complaints.  But the back third finishes quite strong.  This portion adapts chapter 12 from the manga where MC-kun gets magically turned into soap, which the girls then use to rub their bodies with.  A blatant ripoff of To-Love Ru, but still nicely done.


There’s definitely no shortage of loli appreciation, which is nice.






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Overall Thoughts


I didn’t expect this to be as godly as To Love-Ru Darkness (2012) or even to be as good as the Maken-Ki! Two OVA.  And it wasn’t. The colors and character art aren’t as rich, the nipples took some getting used to, character movement was noticeably minimal, with very long shots only having mouths move to save costs.

But the soap scene at the end really won me over.  Suddenly there was a lot of character movement, and even a generous amount of jiggle.

The really obvious comparison for these scenes are the BD extras from Maken-Ki! Two, which had nearly identical breast and nipple design, detail, color depth, etc.  It’s just a touch nicer here.  We didn’t really think of those specials as having “wow” production values by any means, but those were still very sexy specials and the content here is similarly jaw dropping at times.

There’s definitely a few “wow” moments that were right on par with Ladies vs. Butlers stylistically, even if it’s not quite as pretty to look at.

Triage X’s onsen scenes were pretty close to what we get here too.

After watching the OVA a second time, I came away with a much more positive impression, once I adjusted my expectations from ‘To Love-Ru’ to ‘Maken-Ki! Two’s specials.’

We already know that the TV series will air censored so these are the only nipples we’ll see from this series for about three months.  Thankfully this OVA gave fanservice aficionados plenty enough to enjoy until then.

I don’t want to make the same mistake I did with Maken-Ki Two, which had an all-time great OVA to start and then just an okay TV series.  But with that caveat out of the way, this episode showed just how crazy loaded this series could be for fanservice if they play their cards right.

This OVA was willing to jump around some in order to cherry pick some nice fanservice scenes from early chapters.  There’s currently well over 100 chapters and if they wanted to they could have every episode have as much service as this one does easily.  And since the story is so minimalist, there’s actually a decent chance that could happen.

Most ecchi shows have to squeeze nude scenes in around a story.  High School DxD Hero is a great recent example of that.  I think Hero is a good anime and overall am very positive about it, but there’s no question the service took a back seat to the story many times.  Hero couldn’t have just jumped around to cram in as many service scenes as possible.  But Yuuna-san probably could since the story is really just a very thin pretense for fanservice, and the series takes place at a Hot Springs.

Long story short, I think this is still worth getting excited about, but maybe not quite in the way I was before.  I don’t think this show is going to be eyecandy like the manga, but it might have so much service in it that every episode will feel like a Maken-Ki! Two special, and that’s definitely something worth looking forward to.