Gabriel Dropout Fanservice Review Episodes 4-6

It’s a beach episode!

Okay, there’s no actual plot to this show. It’s just a comedy about angels being bad girls and demons being chunni and or kind. So, let’s just dive into what you’ll be seeing here service wise. Episode 4 contains everything of noteworthy. Well, aside from one minor panty shot later on. Anyhow, it’s beach time! Satanya, without a doubt has the perfect beach body. She certainly was hiding her goods well under that school uniform. Our gang of four have a typical anime beach episode. Fun times all around with plenty of skin showing. Beyond episode 4 enjoy a bunch of stitches. The comedy in this show is great and, Satanya won’t let you down for a good laugh.


Episode 4 caps and stitches.


Episode 5 caps and stitches.


Episode 6 caps and stitches.


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It should be noted that service for the remainder of this series will be minimal. Unless there’s some anime original service there will be only one more posting for, Gabriel Dropout! Until next time!