Seiren Fanservice Review Episodes 5&6

The winds of change bring us a new heroine.

Introducing our new female heroine, Tooru Miyamae!  A lot of things have changed since the end of Tsuneki’s arc. Our new arc setting is heavily gamer focused. That also means our new heroine is a gamer girl. Now, some of you may or may not enjoy that. However, she’s quite the hardcore gamer. Her gaming is so serious that she has a dark and mystery past. On the other hand our male lead remains mostly the same. He’s perverted to the core and he can’t hide it one bit. So far I can’t say this arc is better than Tsuneki’s but, if you do enjoy gamer girls it may be worth a watch.

Seiren, show me the service! Well, our new female lead isn’t Tsuneki by far. Still, she does provide a few nice moments here and there. We had our token leg service shot in episode 5. There was almost an in-direct kiss too! One of the larger pieces of service may or may not turn you on. Although, I can’t undervalue how popular fur is. So, if you like bunny ass we got that here! A couple other moments included a locker room changing scene and a soothing bath scene. Her expressions during the bath were excellent so look out for those!

Episode 5 caps and stitches.


Episode 6 caps and stitches.


New ED, new visuals!


WebM Section.














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Next post concludes, Tooru Miyamae’s arc!  Hoping for a decent ending and more service to come!