Getsuyoubi no Tawawa S1 TV Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 03 [UPDATED]


Is there such a thing as too much boob bounce???  Heaven forbid!!!


[UPDATE1] The good news is that a second season of Tawawa just started airing for Fall 2021!  AND there will be fanservice reviews just like for season 1!!  Hopefully those will start next week and will cover two episodes at a time every other week.  Then the week in between in between will be used for updating and finishing season 1 reviews.  *fingers crossed*  The bad news is that time hasn’t been kind to the existing season 1 reviews due to changes in video hosting and more.  So this review has been updated, including redoing all webms in a higher video quality.  If you are a collector, you really should download the version 2 webms since they are significantly better than version 1 webms.


But to be honest, I had trouble slimming down the number of images for this review due to the sheer number of boob bounces in this anime short…  Hopefully, that is a good problem to have…


Boob Bounce the anime short.  The short synopsis.  And pretty much all ecchi fans need to know… XD

Getsuyoubi no Tawawa is an ONA anime short (approx 5-minutes running time) created by Kiseki HIMURA that is being released during the Winter 2017 cour.  Originally it was being distributed on YouTube but was temporarily taken down for violating YouTube’s community standards but has since been restored.  However starting with episode 02, distribution has switched to Niconico.  Ecchi fans might think that Tawawa has a lot of good stuff due to the controversy and it does but more the quantity and quality of boob bounces than anything else.

Kiseki HIMURA is an hentai artist who seems to have created a modest amount of hentai works and most of them seem to be doujins.  He also seems to have a discerning eye for oppai and a penchant for blue.  So much so that a lot of his official art is blue monochrome and there is actually a blue filter release of Tawawa.  He also seems to like pastel colors a lot…

Plot synopsis from AniDB:

* Based on Himura Kiseki’s illustrations published every Monday on his Twitter account.


The anime follows a salaryman who has a chance meeting with a girl named Ai on the train. They begin to meet every Monday on the train, with the man serving as her bodyguard on the crowded commute while they chat.


Episode 01

Ai-chan is the mc-chan and she is a busty high school (?) girl.

02-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 03-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 04-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 06-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

Ai-chan is a real cutie too with a really nice smile.


But her boobs are bordering on lethal weapons.  Enough to put mc-kun in the hospital…  LOL

09-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 10-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 11-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

14-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 19-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 20-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 21-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 24-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 26-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 28-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

29-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 31-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

All the eye catches and a lot of the OP/ED artwork is done in pastels…

32-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 33-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 36-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

Ai-chan has really nice legs too…

37-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 38-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 40-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 42-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 43-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 44-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap


And really nice lips too…  Is Ai-chan too good to be true???

47-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 48-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 51-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

Losing buttons happens when holding in jugs like that.  XD.  We get to see a little bit of bra too…

52-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 53-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 54-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 56-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 57-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 58-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 59-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 60-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 61-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 62-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 64-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap

65-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 66-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 67-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 69-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 71-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 72-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 73-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 74-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 75-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch

ED:  Too bad the credits get in the way but some nice artwork even if in pastels….

76-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-snap 77-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 78-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 79-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch 80-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-01-stitch

Episode 02

An Office Lady (OL) named Kouhai-chan is featured this episode.  In some ways, she could be an adult version of Ai-chan.  And her boobs are more massive too.  Imagine that…

001-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 002-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 003-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 005-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

Nice.  Not common view of busty boobs.  Look at the under boob on that pair…  XD

006-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 007-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 008-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 014-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 015-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 016-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

She has sexy legs too…


020-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 023-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 028-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

030-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 031-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

And a nice face with cute eyes…

032-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 033-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 034-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 035-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 036-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 037-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 039-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

Nice ass too!!!

040-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 042-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 044-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

Looks like it’s almost time for a nosebleed…

046-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-stitch 047-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap


049-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 050-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 051-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 052-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 053-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 055-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 056-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

063-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 066-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 068-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

069-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 073-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 075-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

Why not ram your boobs into a badge reader???  Makes perfect sense to ecchi fans.  And the boob physics are fun to watch…

077-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 078-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 080-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 082-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 083-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 084-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

The sweet sight of gravity defying boob physics…

086-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 087-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 089-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 090-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 091-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 093-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 094-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

Who doesn’t want to touch that keyboard after she uses it for a boob shelf???

095-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap 096-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-stitch 098-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

099-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-stitch 100-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-02-snap

Episode 03

This episode features Trainer-san.  Girls working out can be so sexy.  Most especially with ample servings of boob bounce…  XD

She’s kneeing her own boobs.  🙂

001-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 003-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 004-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 005-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 006-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 009-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 010-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

You know it’s Boob Bounce the anime short when even low budget artwork has boob bounce…    😯


012-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 015-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 016-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 017-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 021-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

Up close and personal boob physics.  Sounds like great training for ecchi fans…

022-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 023-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 024-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 025-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 026-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 027-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 028-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 029-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 030-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 031-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 032-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

Nicest stitch I have made for the show so far.  With a really nice view of Trainer-san’s physically fit body…


034-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 035-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 036-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 037-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 038-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 043-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 045-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 046-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 047-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 048-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 049-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 050-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch 051-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 052-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 053-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

054-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 055-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 056-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 057-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 058-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 059-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 060-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap


065-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 066-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 068-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

I had to loop this scene.  Had to…

069-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 070-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 071-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 072-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 073-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 074-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 075-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

077-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 079-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 081-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 082-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 083-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 085-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

087-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 088-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 090-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap

Finally back to Ai-chan.  She’s looking better than ever.  It must be all that exercise that mc-kun did….

091-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 092-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 093-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 094-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 095-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 096-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-stitch

How could a straight guy EVER say no to a face like that???

097-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap 098-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-03-snap


Once again, the mangaka seems to like using blue a lot and some of the fan artists also use blue for their artwork.

getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-01-03-omake-01 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-01-03-omake-02 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-01-03-omake-03 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-01-03-omake-04 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-01-03-omake-05 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-01-03-omake-06


Boob Bounce the anime short…  *drops microphone*

I’m not usually a fan of ecchi anime shorts.  Especially if the running time is less than eight minutes.  That leaves only enough time for one major point and it’s usually not the ecchi that gets featured.  But Tawawa gets it right.  For roughly five minutes of running time, the main attraction is boob bounce and the creators feature as much quality and quantity of boob bounces as they possibly can in those five minutes.  Well played.  Well played indeed…

It’s a shame that there isn’t more and heavier ecchi including more underwear and skin.  Hopefully there is or will be heavier ecchi in the manga.  The creator is a hentai artist after all…

Ecchi fans might want to check out Tawawa this season.  Especially if you can appreciate busty boobs and boob bounces…


Finding HQ raws or rips on a consistent basis has been a challenge.  Tawawa hasn’t been picked up by any of the major fan groups and each week, the most HQ versions seems to have been uploaded by somebody different.  Both video quality and image quality varies.  Sorry about that…

Not all of my HD WebMs were included.   For the rest and for downloading, you can find my albums here: 01, 02 & 03.