Pink de Pink manga fanservice compilation


Being cursed and having your classmate possessed by a ghost doesn’t seem so bad.


Published in Young Champion Retsu in 2007 and written and drawn by Azuma Tesshin who is more known for his hentai manga. As with a series done by a hentai artist this is borderline h and gives us plenty of fanservice as a result.

The main character has some bad luck and learns his desk at school is cursed. While having the curse removed a classmate ends up getting possessed by the ghost of the girl who previously used that desk till she was killed in an accident. While possessed the classmate’s body changes into that of the ghost girl’s and she loses memories of anything that happens during it. The main character now has to get the ghost to pass on and leave her body before his classmate dies as a side affect of the possession.

Being a borderline h series this means the story will go in that direction which is great for us. The ghost first suggests sex will help her pass on since the main character looks like her previous boyfriend. When that doesn’t work they seek out help removing her which results in the main character gaining a power to help them out. This power is then used by an evil women for her cult that worships a giant crow which results in the world being in danger. The crow is eventually sealed inside the classmate to go along with her already ghost problem and the crow’s power is able to still cause havoc on the world from inside. In order to end all of it the ghost girl must pass on which will also solve the world ending issue from the crow’s power. In the end confessing his love to his loli classmate and having sex with her accomplishes that. In other words having sex with lolis will save the world. So be a hero and sex up lolis.

The series is short at only one volume so it is a quick read. The story isn’t anything special which is fine since story isn’t really something people care about too much in something like this. Felt like it was too short though because even though the story isn’t too important everything seems rushed. Another volume filled with some filler chapters and such would have been better because everything just advances forward too quickly. Though honestly I just wanted another volume so we could get more scenes with some of the characters which is what anyone reading this is really wanting to see. If you just wanted a quick non serious borderline h manga about a ghost since its October though it gives you that. In case you are wondering I included 1 english page in this because the raw volume scans of that page were screwed up for some reason as you can see since I included both.

Pink de Pink : 1 Volume (Complete)


Wish they would have actually showed more of the loli sex scene. Most of it you can’t see anything and its too short. How annoying.


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