Girls Bravo Episode 11 DVD Fanservice Review

Episode 11 Coming in hard with more than one Hot Spring Scene! with some Ping-Pong!

We start this episode starting with a peaceful hot spring scene. Only in this case, everyone but Koyomi seems to be having fun.

After the party goes to a river stream to play around some more. Yukinari shows Miharu and Tomoka how to capture fish. Koyomi is still nervous about the impending Fukuyama. (I would be too if that guy was harassing you every where you went) Fukuyama and Risa both stalk the group, find out what hotel they are staying at, and promptly buy the hotel.

We stumble into another Hot springs dip, only this time Koyomi is so nervous that she wears her bikini into the bath.

Well after discovering Fukuyama bought the actual hotel, Kirie challenges Fukuyama to a Ping-Pong Face off. She loses. Granting Fukuyama the rights to use Kirie as a Human Brush. Kirie demands a rematch, but Fukuyama instead vouches to play Koyomi instead, adding more to the stakes. Koyomi is a Pan-Pong Champion equivalent in Seiren. So now Fukuyama has a real match on his hands.

Fukuyama loses and is out of the picture. Allowing Koyomi some self-assurance as she won’t be harassed by Fukuyama any more. Giving us the best close-ups of season 1. Hereby ending the season on a great note.

Bonus! Here’s a very pouty Kirie!

Stitches by ScissorMeTimbers!