Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 9:

It’s another round of battle between Light and Dark, Big vs Small !! XD

Hello everyone!! We finally had the very much anticipated fight between the Jeanne and the Dark Ulysses again!! In this episode, Jeanne and the Dark Ulysses had finally woke up from their coma. While the enemies are planning on how to take down Jeanne again, Montmorency prohibits Jeanne from entering the battle field again. XD

However when they were informed that the Dark Ulysses returns to battle, Jeanne decides to face her again.

A dramatic duel between the 2 begins!! Inspired by Montmorency, the French army launch a frontal assault, breaking the English first line and opening the way to Montmorency to battle together with Jeanne.

With the Dark Ulysses being at a disadvantage, she managed to distract Jeanne on the fact that in order to save Jeanne, Montmorency had already married his adopted cousin. Taking this opportunity, she launch another counter attack on Jeanne from behind.

In desperate times, Montmorency had no other choice but to swallow the other half of the Philosopher’s stone and become a Ulysses himself to save Jeanne. Due to some hesitation¬†attempt to kill Jeanne, Glasdale ends up piercing the Dark Ulysses and they both fell into the river when the bridge collapse.

The French army might have won together with Jeanne but their victory celebration was cut short when dark clouds starts appearing in the sky. It a very bad omen with something bad is happening due to the consequences of Montmorency swallowing the other half of the Philosopher’s Stone.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. Hope you guys enjoy the dramatic fight between the two of them too. Thanks for reading everyone and keep sticking with this anime until the very end of this anime review!! (^^)v