Girls Bravo Episode 12 DVD Fanservice Review!

Season 2 Begins! With more lewd content! and a special bonus section in the article!

Welcome back to a new season of Girls Bravo! While I do like season one as it has it’s meaningful moments, all my fun memories of Girls Bravo is from this season entirely. We start off the new season with the new opening. Which does have nudity. 

With that awesome unforgettable opening, and the first one I have witnessed actually having nudity. We start the season off strong, wonder who is having the shower scene? Oh… wait…

While Fukuyama dries off in front of his head maid, he has a plan to get Miharu and Kirie at the same time. Wonder how that one will work for him. We cut to the school swimming pool, which contains a good scene between Kirie and Miharu.

After Fukuyama’s attempt to clear all of the dudes out of the pool. He starts a squabble with Yukinari, that results in one of the conveniently placed artifacts by the pool being used to whack the other. The result is both of them switching bodies. It’s kinda funny how Yukinari gets his rash even when he swaps to Fukuyama’s body.

Well with some more body switching Fukuyama ends up in Miharu’s body. Yukinari is stuck in Kirie’s body, Kirie is in Fukuyama’s body, and Miharu is in Yukinari’s body. Kind of a simple situation, but matters get more complicated when someone accidently summons a octopus. Fukuyama reacts to this in Miharu’s body by going up to octopus, and offers Miharu’s body to the Octopus.

Risa saves the day, and reverts everyone back to normal. Fukuyama ends up as a floorboard. After to ladies walk over him, he accepts his fate willingly.

Stitches – From ScissorMeTimbers!

Bonus!  ft. Ryan
So after Ryan contacted WizardofEcchi, we got access to some scans/photos of the original art stills that went into making girls bravo. I snagged some of each girl so you could see what they look like before they go digital!

I want the Miharu banana one hung up in my room! From their website though these are not for sale, and just posted for our appreciation.