Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma gets a PV and uncensored AT-X announcement


Spring season is looking much better than Winter.



A few days ago a PV for the upcoming spring show Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma was released and along with it was an at-x airing announcement. However the important details about that at-x airing were not known yet so I decided to hold off on doing this post till the info page on atx for the show appeared which would be soon. Sure enough this morning the show’s page has now appeared and on the page is the main thing we always look for when an atx info page appears and that is a parental lock confirming that we will get the show aired uncensored and presumably with the nudity intact.




The show begins April 6th at 11:20pm and will have a 10 minute runtime. Being a short makes sense considering this is being done by Seven whom did Okusama which was another short with some of the same staff and like this aired uncensored as well. The director is Tokihiro Sasaki who was the director for the second season of Okusama so that should give you an idea on what to expect from this show (though he also directed King’s Game as well and I pray this doesn’t turn out like that). If the character designs seem familiar that is because the character designer for the show is Takashi Nishikawa who most people know from his hentai works such as Baku Ane, Shikkoku no Shaga, Rance 01, and some others which all were also animated by Seven. So we have a director that has done a decent ecchi show in the past and designs by someone from the hentai side of things working on this and it is being animated by a studio that primarily does hentai so in theory we should hopefully get something good out of this.

Also one other good sign is how a few weeks ago they added a minigame of sorts to the main site in which you adjust lightbeams on the characters that are shown nude. The base images have certain parts covered very similar to what was done years ago on the main site for Masou Gakuen HxH and how that show had a minigame as well to unlock nude images of the girls (though with nipples and such still censored just like this). The fact that they are doing something like that for this show indicates that they are at least self aware of what the main appeal should be so hopefully this will be reflected in the service.



Finally there is the manga which was created by the same person that did Koe de Oshigoto so that should give you an idea of the kinds of content in the source manga. One important thing to point out though is that even though there is nudity in the manga the nudity doesn’t actually start appearing till volume 3. I’ll include some pics of some of the scenes from the three volumes currently out to give you an idea on what to expect both nude and non nudewise. But for the early parts of the manga even though there are characters getting nude the nudity is blocked off by hair or other things.

The big question to ask is will this be changed for the anime adaption and have these non nude scenes early on be changed to actual nude scenes in the adaption to match with the nude scenes that occur later? It could go either way and they may save the nudity for later on in the show to create buildup or they may decide to alter things so it happens early on since they know they will be doing nudity eventually so might as well change these early scenes. What I will point out though is that remember the director for this previously did the second season of Okusama and in that we got nudity during parts and even for a character that was not nude in the manga yet. So the director does have a history of adding nudity which is a good sign. Hopefully this ends up applying here as well and he does indeed change these early scenes to become nude.



Spring season is looking to be a lot better than this empty winter season was. So far we now have at least two confirmed nude shows. The first being the r18 show for the season Araiya-san which obviously is going to have nudity and much more in it. And now confirmation that Nobunaga will be shown uncensored as well. Will there be third show to join these as well? Who knows but there are at least others for spring that do have potential for nudity possibly on BD if it comes down to it also. So after this weak winter season it looks like Spring will at least show some improvement when it comes to service.

Did I really have to take the time to make that stitch and edit out the text on it instead of just waiting for the actual episode? Yes I did because anyone that reads my posts knows that when a glasses girl is involved I can’t ignore it. So you already know who I will be treating as best girl in this. Also people that read my hentai schedule posts probably know I hate the guy doing the character designs. I’ll save my rants about him till I see the show. As long as he only does the designs and has no impact on the animation then we are fine and I have nothing to complain about since it’s his animation I take issue with. If his animation style ends up in this show though I will be raging so hard in these posts. That shit better not happen.