Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 11:

At last, not all hope is lost!! And we hoped for more oppai and more FANSERVICE!! (^^)/

Bonjour!! Let’s continue with the Jeanne d’Arc anime where the Dark Ulysses is back in action again!! (^^)/ In this episode, the monster finally takes form and it appears to be an ancient sumerian god, Enlil who completely takes control of Montmorency’s body. In the meanwhile, Philip who has fallen into the river was saved by Glasdale.

Jeanne and La Hire try to face him again, but La Hire is eventually critically wounded, leaving the sole Jeanne able to fight. When Philip woke up, the world was already in complete chaos and wrecked. In order to save the world and avenge for Montmorency, Philip becomes the Dark Ulysses again!! (^_^)

The Dark Ulysses joins Glasdale in battling Enlil. Planning to use¬†the power of Glasdale’s Lance of Longinus to kill Elil even at the cost of Philippe’s life. However, Jeanne stops this from happening saying that it wasn’t really over yet.

In the end, the Dark Ulysses is fighting together with Jeanne. And thanks to her creating an opening, Jeanne manages to kiss Enlil in a desperate attempt to awake Montmorency and become himself again.

Jeanne is able to meet Montmorency once again in his subconscious past. However, he doesn’t want to go back because he already know about Jeanne’s destiny that awaits for her. But somehow, Jeanne is able to convince Montmorency¬†to believe that future is not already written, and that they can still try to change it, and at that point Montmorency awakes, throwing Enlil out of his body. Together, they fought against Enlil to save the world!!

And this is it!! Stay tuned for the very last review to know more about my opinions about this anime!! That’s it for the fanservice review of this Jeanne d’Arc episode and we hoped that you enjoy the crazy plot twist in this anime too. Thanks for reading everyone and see you guys again at the last episode of fanservice review for this anime!! (^^)v