Tsugumomo season 2 announced for 2020

In some of the most unexpected ecchi news in recent memory, the Tsugumomo TV anime website has announced plans for a 2nd season.

The series is also crowdfunding for an ecchi OVA that would bundle with a manga volume in 2020.  This ecchi OVA would focus on scenes “too extreme” for TV anime airing.  The goal was to raise 3 million yen, and apparently that goal has already been met well ahead of schedule.  Additionally, it has been suggested that the 2nd season might be extended or have longer episodes depending on how well crowdfunding goes.

Hopefully this works out, because through crowdfunding a lot of ecchi anime projects become possible that otherwise might not be.  The first season of Tsugumomo sold poorly, averaging a paltry 764 BD+DVD sales per volume according to someanithing.com.  Usually, it’s rare to see a show under a 4,000 average get a sequel.

The news of a sequel is especially welcome for this series as the manga doesn’t have all that much fanservice initially, making the first season feel like a stepping stone to a much better second season.  And until now, it was a season nobody ever expected to get.

The first season covered the first five volumes and a little bit of the sixth.  If that pace continues, the 2nd season would get to about halfway through the 11th volume.  If you look at the Tsugumomo manga fanservice compilation on the site, you can see that the materials covered by the first season amounted to about 83 images of fanservice.  From that end point to the midway part of volume 11 is 118 images.

So yeah, it’s a fuzzy science, but basically it looks like the next segment of the story has about 50% more fanservice than the first one did.

The OVA should be interesting too, what could they possibly mean by too intense for TV?

At any rate, this is great news for fans of the series, fans of ecchi, but mostly, it’s an exciting development for series that might not otherwise get anime through normal means.  Hopefully crowdfunding ecchi anime becomes a trend.