Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? reveals new PV and broadcast details

The series will have an undisclosed number of 15 minute episodes and has a parental lock on AT-X.

Having a parental lock doesn’t necessarily mean the show will be fully uncensored on airing, but usually that’s what it means.

While the 15 minute time slot is disappointing, it isn’t surprising given that there wasn’t a ton of material from the manga during the time that this anime was being produced.  The sixth tankobon just dropped a few days ago, and it’s likely that this anime will only adapt a handful of volumes.

Further, the plot of this show is minimalist.  The manga doesn’t set up narratives, it sets up nude scenes.  There’s probably a nipple sighting on every other page.  It might well be that this series could have more nudity than any series has in years, despite being only half-length episodes.

So with the bad news out of the way, there’s plenty of good news to celebrate.

The first is that you won’t have to wait 6-9 months to enjoy this show properly, as it received a parental lock on AT-X which generally indicates a fully uncensored broadcast.

The newest PV trailer (above) also makes it extremely clear that this series will be 10000% about service.  The PV opens with a turbo montage of close up shots on girls’ chests (and one ass, just to keep us on our toes).  You can tell that there will be plenty of boob physics too.  Hiraku Koneko really is the perfect director for this series, as the manga fetishizes breasts in a way that only Koneko can match.

The production will be the first TV series done by the brand new tear-studio.  Chief Director Hiraku Kaneko is the only production member with a notable background in ecchi, but really he should be all they need.

The last note on the series is that the key visual shows 4 girls: Kana (the schoolteacher), Mayu (the girl in a green skirt with braided hair), Hikari (the tanned girl) and Chizuru (the lab-coat girl).


Based on this, we can safely assume that this show will cover the first four tankobon of the manga.

The series began as a borderline hentai doujin, and due to popular demand the IP was brought back in the form of a full fledged manga.  The first tankobon focuses exclusively on Kana, the second almost exclusively on Mayu, the third focuses heavily on on Hikari and the fourth exclusively on Chizuru.  The fifth and sixth volumes continue this tradition of focusing heavily on a new character, but those characters are not present in the PV or Key Visual so it’s safe to assume they will be left (hopefully) for a possible second season.

I can’t really stress how much nudity this series could end up having, it may end up feeling more like hentai than anime.  The manga from which it is based has over 350+ pages worth of nipple sightings in the first four volumes alone.  Which happens to be the same number this TV series will cover.  That’s not just “a lot.”  It absolutely blows away even manga like To Love-Ru in terms of amount.

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? figures to be the jewel of a strong Spring 2019 season which features three uncensored nude anime in total (the other two being the Nobunaga anime and the R-15 short Araiya-san!).  Additionally, there will be a Strike Witches comedy spinoff series that may have a chance to deliver down the road as well.

Hype might be too strong a word, but Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? has a lot going for it.  It combines above average art qualtity (by ecchi TV series standards) with a ridiculously thirsty manga and a director perfectly aligned for its obsessions.  Could this be Kaneko’s best work since Manyuu?  I guess we’ll find out.