Girls Bravo Episode 14 DVD Fanservice Review

First Date is Bravo! Relationship Progress! Only Miharu has the wrong idea. . .

Well after two to three episodes of pure Fanservice, we actually get to see the relationship between Miharu and Yukinari get to the next step. This spawns an Enemy Fukuyama and a Spying Kirie. Most of the character development here is really Fukuyama and Kirie though, which is interesting because of the two the episode is focused on. Today’s bath scene is from Miharu. We get a nice butt shot to say the least.

Anyways she’s off reading a love book, created by Fukuyama himself. The english dub version he has some interesting paraphrases to say the least. However this gives Miharu way too many ideas on how to make Yukinari “Happy”.  (which it does and doesn’t, you be the judge)

During their picnic, the picnic box is kidnapped by Fukuyama, in which Yukinari totally leaves Miharu alone for most of the day. Interestingly enough while she sounds very let down by the actions of Yukinari. She kind of does some good deeds while looking for Yukinari.

After the confrontation with Yukinari do we really get to see Fukuyama do something decent for a change. He calls Yukinari and guides him towards Miharu. Honestly its the first selfless thing he does in the Anime. Also with the subtle hints of jealousy that Kirie has towards Yukinari, its interesting to see her not interfere for once, and let history take its course. Considering both of their personalities, that’s a major plot point in my books.


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