Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 1


Doing lewd things in a bathhouse.


The r18 show of the season has started and with it this season’s first uncensored nudity. This is also the second one aimed at males similar to Joshi Ochi last summer so expect the type of content to be like that instead of the previous josei ones. Also much like the previous shows the r18 version is longer. While the standard version is 3 minutes and 30 seconds the r18 version is 5 minutes and 15 seconds of content for a minute and 45 seconds more (not counting the minute and a half of credits they put on it compared to previous shows). This is good as it shows that they are starting to increase the extra content in these compared to when they initially started them.

Also it does appear based on certain information this show will ultimately offer more extra content than Joshi Ochi did last year which had the highest so far. However there is a downside to this as well which I’ll address near the end. Another thing to point out is that this actually deviates from the source material somewhat which is something different compared to the previous shows. It’s not something you would really notice unless you read the manga but I’ll mention it as it happens.


The girl and boy’s volleyball teams are practicing while the main character Souta is watching them. Eventually Aoi the lead player notices it and throws a ball at him as she has a history of doing the whole tsundere beat up the guy thing. Meanwhile Mei the other captain watches this. This is actually different from how the manga starts since the manga begins in the lunchroom instead but I’m guessing they added this scene in just to established the tsundere main girl hates the main guy while the other girl Mei shows she has interest in him which if you read the manga you know that is a plot point.

While eating lunch a news report comes on about a bathhouse which happens to be the one Souta lives at with his grandfather who works as a backwasher for customers. I should point out the subs for some reason say father but in the manga it is grandfather. I have no idea if this is just a mistake on the part of the subs (the subs are not the best of quality so this is a possibility) or if they actually changed it for the show but he looks more like a grandfather instead so I’ll just keep assuming that is what it is supposed to be. After the news report Aoi tell the other girls she wants to go there since it’s close by and they have been looking for a place to go to relax. After Souta mocks her for wanting to do something like that she hits him again before leaving with the others.

I want to see the smug girls get fucked but I know that sadly won’t happen unless they change things significantly from the manga and even though there are a bunch changes I doubt they would do one on that level.

After getting home Souta finds out his grandfather got hurt and can’t work now. He tells Souta he has to take on the role of backwasher now to help out especially since he already doesn’t have a job. Souta wraps his hair up as a disguise and goes to serve the customers and discovers the girl’s volleyball team has come to the bathhouse like they talked about at lunch and don’t recognize him as being the back washer.

Souta sees that Aoi is there and has requested a back wash. So he goes to wash her while also thinking how since she doesn’t recognize him he can use this as a chance to get revenge. At this point is when the standard version cuts out but there actually is something worth seeing from the standard version. In place of the censored scenes you get this eyecatch in the censored version.

You only get to see this in the standard version so I assume this will be a common thing to signify the cut content. If you are watching the r18 version though you get this stuff after the scene….

Souta goes to wash her and convinces her that everything he is doing is part of the service and is a massage to help her muscles and she believes it. After this is when both versions join back up.

After finishing the massage Mei asks Aoi what it was like and then mentions how Aoi needs stuff like that to help her get prettier before she confesses to Souta unaware he is right there in front of them. After hearing this Souta realizes that Aoi secretly likes him but before he can say or do anything else the other girls come back and ask Aoi to go into the sauna with them as she leaves. Mei then asks him to give her a backwash and massage like Aoi had now that she is done and gone and the episode ends.

This is actually very different from the manga during this part. In the manga Aoi turns down going into the sauna and stays and gets touched some more before accidentally knocking the bandanna off Souta’s head and seeing it is really him. This leads to her passing out and Mei running to her as he runs away however that is not the case here. Not only does she go into the sauna in the adaption thus leaving him alone with Mei but she avoids discovering his secret and so at this point still doesn’t know it is him. Also the big change and you will see this in episode 2 is that Mei asks for the same thing right then after Aoi leaves which in the manga didn’t happen yet due to Aoi passing out and Souta running away.



WebM Album.



It’s nice having these shows when they are aimed at a male audience. You could already tell from the start because of things like the numerous breast bounces and such early on. What is really interesting about this adaption compared to the others is the change in the source material. For the most part the previous shows would follow the source with no actual changes other than skipping some scenes or chapters. Here however we are actually seeing stuff completely rewritten to be somewhat different. The biggest change is at the end when Mai asks for the same massage which will occur in episode 2. That is another thing to point out and that is ComicFesta actually released 2 episodes to start off instead of just one. So expect a post on episode 2 soon as well. In episode 2 we get the scene with Mei however the situation is completely different compared to the manga and I’ll save talking about that for the post for episode 2 but the point is they are actually taking some liberties here on what they do.

As for if this will be a good or bad thing though it will depend on what changes they make. In this show’s case I am actually happy about this because of what it could mean. Of the two girls I prefer Mei but the disappointing thing though is that she only has one sex scene in the manga and then a scene in which she helps out Aoi and Souta but doesn’t take part in the sex that occurs. Most of the manga is focused on Aoi with only a small amount of time for Mei. If they are making changes to the source material however this could be a very good thing if these changes result in her getting more scenes and screen time compared to the original so hoping that ends up being a result of these changes.

Also the art and animation in this is a big improvement compared MagicBus’s previous work. Everything looks a lot better than it did in Skirt which is good news as it shows they are improving as time goes on rather than keeping things the same quality. It also might demonstrate that these shows are starting to get higher budgets as well as they get more popular which is always going to be a good thing. Also this looks like it will have more r18 content than even Joshi Ochi did so that is even better. However remember what I said at the start about a downside?

There is good news and bad news about this. The BD information is up and the runtime is listed as 52 minutes which for comparison Joshi Ochi’s BD had a runtime of 47 minutes. Joshi Ochi was only 10 episodes but since it had more extra content compared to other r18 shows it could be argued that was the reason for less episodes. Unfortunately this logic also seems to apply to Araiya and since this show has an even longer runtime of extra content you can guess what the bad news is. The BD information says that it includes episodes 1-8 which means this is only going to be 8 episodes long. So in short on the positive side we have a longer runtime and more content compared to Joshi Ochi but on the downside less episodes at only 8 as a result. The extra runtime is probably the culprit for less episodes but since we have seen the budget for these shows seem to increase the more these get made we can hope we will one day reach a point in which 12 episodes with a large amount of extra content become possible in the future. Releasing episode 2 this early makes me think they have really started to get confident in these works though so it is possible we will see that one day. A post on episode 2 should be in the next few days.

There is no chance this will happen but I really would like to see them alter the manga that the main guy fucksĀ  all the different girls instead of just keeping it restricted to just the two main ones. Even if they just made it an imagination scene in order to avoid messing with the story I would be fine with that. I really want to see one of these shows in which it is a different girl each episode much like how many hentai manga have a different girl each chapter to give more variety. A show that features a different girl each time would actually give a lot to be hyped about for the next episode as you would always be getting something new. Hopefully we get many more different scenario r18 shows in the future that are aimed at males so that this becomes possible.