Kamisama Drop (vol 1 – 11 end) manga fanservice compilations

A beautiful Goddess falls from the sky and starts living in your house is the luckiest thing ever!! (^^)b

Status: Finished

Synopsis : Nowaki Asunaro is a 17 year old boy forsaken by fortune since his birth? Well, it said stated that for every steps he takes, bad luck awaits him such as falling bucket of water over his head and being blamed for crimes he never committed. He still hopes to become friends with the love of his life: Hashihime Banri but whenever he gets closer to her, bad luck blocks the way. XD On one fateful day, after encountering a series of unfortunate incidents (which is actually considered fortunate), he ends up taking shelter in a forsaken and shabby temple. He becomes sick from the cold and feeling hungry too. He prays to the gods in desperation hoping that he can survive this day and become friends with Banri. His prayers were answered with a beautiful Goddess appearing naked in front of him!! And after that day, a series of good luck he never had begins to unfold!!

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Thoughts: My very first question while reading this manga was how was this male mc considered an unfortunate person? He has a house to stay money to spend, a cute childhood friend but only unable to get close to his love interest and always gets into trouble in school and he considers his life sucks. XD As the story progress, he’s one lucky bastard!! In overall, there is some good story development in the manga with some pretty common settings like the male mc’s family not living together with him and some childhood friend always coming to his house to wake him up. Its basically too familiar with a lot of manga settings in nowadays. However, its good that the beautiful Goddess is constantly showing off her body!! I wonder why can the male mc always be seeing her undressing? Maybe its a good habit after all. (^^) The character design of the Goddess is great but too bad we’re unable to see her with nips tho. Well, we can’t be over particular with the producers if that’s all we can get from them. XD Anyway, its still some good fanservice even without nips. Not gonna be leaking any spoilers for this, but its worth checking this manga out!!

Thanks for reading everyone!! Hope you enjoy my very first manga compilations and stay tuned for more!!