Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 1


Searching for a wife.


The first of 3 uncensored shows for this season has started. Though unfortunately even though this is airing uncensored the first episode didn’t contain anything benefiting from that yet. The service for this episode only occurs near the end and just for a brief amount. Hopefully the show moves fast to reach the more service filled chapters as the early parts of the manga don’t have nudity.


 Best girl appears in the first few seconds. She better get naked at some point.  Get naked I say.

The show starts by showing the main character Oda Nobunaga finishing up his teaching for the day. He also shows that he doesn’t like being called Nobunaga because of the whole it belonging to a famous person in the past thing. As he is leaving his other student Mayu comes up to talk to him and mentions that the students that just left are dating. This makes Oda jealous as wants a girlfriend as well. Mayu then promises him that after she graduates she will date him as he celebrates.

And with that the show has ended in the first minute with the main character having won best girl and gotten best ending that quick. Post done. Or at least it would if I was in charge because once you got a glasses waifu there is no point in searching anymore as anything else will be a downgrade. Also I am going to demand she get naked every time she is on screen including this time till it happens. Let’s see how many times I have to say it till it occurs.

Later on he is at his parents house along with his sister as the parents talk about how they want him to get married and give them a heir due to him being a descendant of Nobunaga.

After dinner he and his sister are told to clean the storeroom outside. After going inside they find a shattered pot which then does some magical stuff causing a girl to appear and fall onto him. Oda then tells his sister that she must be the one to be his wife since she appeared to him like in anime and manga as they take her inside.

After taking her inside they tell their parents what happened and how they found her. Eventually she wakes up telling them that she is Kichou and asks if he is Nobunaga and that she came there to be his wife. Initially Oda is happy at this till asking what her age is and finding out she is really 15.

If this part doesn’t make sense to you it’s talking about how Japan and other parts of asia used to have a different way of telling ages. You can read about it here if you want. Long story short you used to start out at age 1 when you were born in some asian countries in the past till they started using the same age table the rest of the world used. So people were called a year older than they really were back then.

After asking her grandfather’s name and what year she believes it to be they start to realize that she is the same Kichou that married the famous Nobunaga in the past. They conclude that she must have traveled through time somehow and she thinks he is the same Nobunaga she was supposed to marry. In other words while she was being delivered to the real Nobunaga she got sent to the future and is unaware of it.

When he tells her he isn’t the same one and points out he doesn’t look like him she tells him she has never seen his face before so she wouldn’t know. When she is told about being in the future she doesn’t believe it and thinks they are trying to trick her. She eventually asks if she can speak with Nobunaga in private as everyone leaves.

The censorship here is really odd considering there is nothing there other than her hand in the manga. The fact that they are censoring something like this on an atx airing does worry me a bit but I’m just going to hope it is a joke to make it seem like there is more to it than there really is.

After everyone leaves them alone Kichou tells him that since they are married now it’s time for them to make children as she undresses and his sister and mother burst in.

After the others break in he stops her telling her that she isn’t supposed to do that with someone unless you like them. This confuses her since she believes her only role as a wife is to have children and it doesn’t matter if she likes her husband or not. In other words the whole “we have to teach someone from the past how different society is today thing” is probably going to be an ongoing thing for the show. After she is left confused Nobunaga says he is going home as she says she will go with him as his sister agrees and tells him she is his responsibility now and has to look after her as the episode ends.

Might as well post stuff from the ED credits as well especially since there are nipple impressions during one part if you look closely.

Best girl needs to get naked.

If you look closely you can see nipple impressions through her clothes. Since she is the only one that has this that might be a way of saying she will get the most service when she finally appears.



WebM Album.



Since this was only the first episode the lack of too much service isn’t too alarming yet since they needed to establish some character introductions and such. Since the AT-X airing has the parental lock we can assume it will only be a matter of time till we start getting actual nudity. However depending on how closely they follow the source material will determine how long that will be. Nudity in the manga didn’t start happening till volume 3 for some reason while the earlier chapters did various things to hide it. No idea why the author waited till later to start making it nude but since the author made koe de oshigoto non nude as well despite the content I guess it’s just one of the author’s things. So the real question is how long will it take for the show to reach volume 3 so we start getting the nude parts?

There is a chance the nudity could happen sooner if they make some changes with the source material. This episode unfortunately did not so it is hard to say if they will take some liberties with the source or not. I was really hoping that they would make these earlier chapters which were originally non nude and change them to be nude in the anime so that it could be consistent with the nudity later on but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. Since the director did that for the second season of Okusama it’s not out of the question but so far we haven’t seen that happen here. So until we see more episodes there is no way to determine the likelihood of nudity changes yet or if they will follow the manga exactly. For this first episode we can hope the reason they kept it non nude like the manga is because they didn’t want to use nudity of the main girl just yet and want to build up to it before deviating from the manga’s non nudity hopefully. Considering the anime could be used to give nudity to those that have not been nude in the manga yet it will be a shame if they don’t take full advantage of that.

This episode covered chapter 1 so they may be doing one chapter an episode. One problem though is that the next chapter actually has no service in it. What this means for next week is anyone’s guess. Ideally it would be best if they skipped that chapter and went straight into chapter 3 since chapter 3 does have an increase in service. Alternatively if they combine chapter 2 and 3 next week that could also work. So depending on what they do we will either get no service next week unless they add some or we will get much more than this week if they just jump right into chapter 3.

When Imouto aired last fall I thought to myself that if I had been covering it I would had been calling for the glasses girl to get nude constantly (which she eventually did in the first special). Since that show had a parental lock as well that meant it was a real possibility so it would not be a futile wish. So I decided I needed to do this for one of my posts when I got the chance. Since this show has a parental lock that makes it a possibility and thus my gimmick can work here. Even if she isn’t shown fully nude in the manga that could always change in the anime. So begins my glasses girl needs to get nude demand counter.

Current glasses girl needs to get naked count: 4.