Girls Bravo Episode 16 DVD Fanservice Review

Tomoka Lana Jude, still looking for that husband by any means possible. Lots of interesting dynamics in this episode. 

We start today’s bath scene with Tomoka. Obviously since they don’t shoot much fanservice of her this will be one of the only few times you actually get to see Tomoka like this.

In this episode Tomoka continues to look for a Suiter for Maharu. However since Kirie damaged her pride by calling Tomoka a kid, she runs away. What she ends up doing instead is spying on Kirie with Fukuyama.

It turns out that Kirie has a few other males who are lining up to have a relationship with her. Some of them are from her past, while some dudes are really forward with her. Cue the Ebi Cannon


What a great shot of Kirie! Fukuyama and Tomoka make a deal, with both of them intending to betray the other. I wonder how that will work out.

Of course it didn’t end up too well, Tomoka ran away and got stuck under a bridge in a storm. Fukuyama ended up finding her, and in the end gained a little more respect from Kirie for his kind act.

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Next Episode! A new girl enters the fray :3