The Fapservice All-time Waifu List

Who are the best wife-material girls in ecchi anime history?


Today I thought we’d do something fun, by coming up with this list.  This article is just my thoughts with some of the other contributors listing their top tens as well.  Feel free to share and discuss your list in the comments too!

This isn’t a top hottest list (though there is some overlap of course), for me it’s about grading these girls for marriage material based on a set of criterias:


The girl must appear in an anime (preferably TV)

While there are many amazing girls who’s never gotten the anime treatment, I think this is a fairly reasonable way to cut the list down.  With manga I think you only get a part of the profile.  Animation helps bring the characters to life, and a voice actress helps bring personality into focus.


No prudes

Given the nature of this site, it’s only natural to include a nipple-sighting requirement.  Every girl on my list has to have showed her nipples at least once.


Selflessness and submissiveness are a plus

Spike Spiegel once said that he hates kids, dogs, and women with attitude.  I’m not with him on the first two, but he’s absolutely right about the third.  Whether a guy or a girl, avoiding a significant other with personality issues is just common sense.

Every long term happily married couple has one thing in common: they are submissive to one another.  It’s not a hard and fast requirement, but when i think of the girls with the most marriage material they tend to score really high in this category.


She shouldn’t be TOO big of a slut

Sexually aggressive women are a plus for me, as long as that sexuality is like a trained missile to you- the man of her dreams.  However, girls who are sex-crazed just for the sake of it would probably be a headache in the long term, no matter how many nice qualities they may have otherwise.


Having nurturing qualities is a plus

Most people who get married end up having kids at some point.  And even people who don’t want kids will sometimes have them anyway as accidents are known to happen. Having kids could ruin a relationship if the people aren’t right for it, so having this ability is important.


Obviously, she has to be hot.

Double points if her butt is her best feature.  Lastly,


No psychopathic violent tendencies. 

All the other stuff hardly matters if she kills me.  I could make some exceptions for violent nature as long as it is controlled, but definitely no yanderes (as much as I love them as characters).


Keep in mind that these are just my criteria.  I’ve asked the writers to submit their own top ten list and they follow their own reasoning and criteria.  With all that said, here’s how my top fifty shakes out.  I put WAAAY too much thought into it.  Let’s turbo-nerd this shit:




C.C. (Code Geass)

There’s a meekness and selflessness to CC that makes me feel good about putting her on this list, even if she isn’t really driven romantically, at least not in overt way. She technically has crossed the nipple barrier too, if you invert the colors on season 2’s first episode.



Yoko Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Quite possibly the sexiest and most cosplayed girl in anime history, and the very girl who got yours truly to turn to the darkside of ecchi fandom. Both Yoko and her co-star, Nia Teppelin, would be at the very very top of this list had Gurren Lagann been a real fanservice show (though for the record, I’m glad it was not). Yoko did technically have a very brief glimpse of her nipples in chibi mode for a canonical spin off animation as well as a non-areola version of her nipples in an action sequence later in the series (BD/DVD only).

Yoko also checks off a surprising number of boxes when it comes to being a waifu too. She’s got that female aggression I like (going after Kamina), and she also develops a lot of nurturing traits especially in the latter half of the show.



Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

I have a hard time placing Rei. Way back in the day she was THE waifu. Things have come a long way since 1995 however. She certainly checks a lot of the waifu boxes, but she’s also the most serious character from the most serious anime on the list. And she isn’t just a potential threat to kill you, but to kill billions. She’s also a damaged shut-in. But I guess that’s part of her mystique.



Shiryuu Chouun (Ikkitousen)

Ryuubi Gentoku is probably a better waifu by the criteria, but I’ll give Shiryuu a slight edge as she is hyper competent whereas Gentoku is a total klutz.  Gentoku is also kind of schizo, too.  There are some incredible babes in this series (Unchou Kan’u, Housen Ryofu, Hakufu Sonsaku, Shimei Ryomou to name a few) and all of them are hotter, but I’ll give Shiryuu the edge over them for her temperate nature and softness.



Belphegor (Seven Mortal Sins)

She is the Devil Lord known as Sloth.  She is the cutest, the least violent, and the least mercurial of the many demonic babes of 7 Sins. There’s a gentleness to her that makes me feel like she’s worth including on the list, even if having a lazy, demon lord wife is hardly ideal.



Yui Kotegawa (To Love-Ru)

Despite being well endowed and incredibly attractive with no shortage of god-tier fanservice moments, I almost didn’t include her as she seems like the kind of girl that would yell and slap her man around a lot. But in the end, I included her because she has a fairly soft personality 90% of the time, and she seems very comfortable in the role of homemaker / family starter.



Tomoe (Queen’s Blade)

I really wanted to put Elina on this list, but in reality the only way she’d ever be affectionate for you is if you could transform yourself into Leina while wearing as few clothes as possible.

Tomoe doesn’t have a romantic arc with a man, really none of the major Queen’s Blade characters do. So it makes it hard to judge her waifu-ness.

Ultimately I put Tomoe on this list since she has a soft demeanor that is very appealing. She’s pretty much the closest thing we’ll ever get to an ecchi version of Hinata Hyuga from Naruto.



Shiina Miyako (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!)

Shiina is a total slut for her man. She’s kind of a generic character from a good but generic ecchi anime, however I feel like she belongs on this list for her dedication.



Chacha Akaza (Maken-Ki!)

You could make a case for a lot of girls from this wonderful franchise.  Chacha makes the cut over the others due to her lack of violent tendencies, her cheery get-along manner, and well… her chachas. (Puts On Sunglasses / YEEEEAAAHHH)



Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire)

Moka has a warrior-type aspect that she jumps into from time to time. For the purposes of this list, I’m only focusing on the deredere aspect. Non-transformed Moka has all the waifu qualities you’d want. She may be a vampire, but the show portrays her vampirism as being harmless and even cute.



Nozomu Ezomori (Kanokon)

She’s a real try-hard for love, which is worth a lot of points in my book. She may be slutty, but it’s in the good kind of way.



Tamamo (Kanokon)

The big surprise for me making this list was how few MILFs could passably qualify as waifus. Tamamo was the only one I ended up including, despite the fact that MILFs would utterly dominate a top 50 hottest list. I ended up including her because she’s fairly nurturing and definitely seems to embody the Japanese tradition of the wife putting the husband first.  Obviously, a big plus there.



Yagyu Gisen (Samurai Girls)

Few women on this list are the cock-seeking missile that is Yagyu Gisen.  I should probably rank her higher, but can she be trusted?



Chiyo Kurihara (Prison School)

While not even being close to being the hottest girl from her series, Chiyo still makes this list.  You have to respect this chick.  She has a heart of gold and she’s loyal.



Ui Wakana (Okusama ga Seitokaichou!)

Ui is competent and believable as a class president. She’s gives everything her all, including romance. She’s very aggressive in her love life, and will do anything to please. She’s not the most attractive girl on this list, but there are a lot of points to give here.



Rui Tachibana (Domestic na Kanojo)

I’m on team Hina all the way, but even I have to hand it to Rui, she’s easily the best waifu candidate in her series. She’s aggressive when she needs to be, but also patient and thoughtful. She deserves to win more than her sister does.



Kiriko Kiyuna (Kenzen Robo Daimidaler)

Kiriko is kind of a forgotten character in a forgotten ecchi series, but she’s definitely worth putting on this list for her selfless dedication to her man.



Asia Argento (High School DxD)

You know the list is starting to get good when you get to the DxD characters. Asia is arguably the top waifu in her series if you go only by traits. She’s extremely submissive, kind, and affectionate. She’s not comfortable at all being sexually aggressive, but she does it anyway because she is a fighter. She’s an underdog in maybe the greatest harem of all time.  If she were my type, I’d have her way higher.



Chifusa Manyuu (Manyuu Hikenchou)

When I first thought up the idea for this list I had no idea I’d be including Chifusa on it. She never has any male relationships and her series is so silly that it’s hard to take a lot from it. But after thinking it over, Chifusa would make a really solid waifu. She’s humble despite being really good at what she does, she’s kind and she’s nurturing. She’s probably the best with kids of any girl on this entire list. There’s two other massive reasons to like her as well.



Yuuna Yunohana (Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san)

She’s a ghost, at least for now. And that’s not ideal. She’s also a little too embarrassed by sexual stuff. But at the end of the day she’s sweet and nice and easy on the eyes. She’s a lot like Lala Deviluke- purehearted plus hot. You could do a lot worse.



Teresa Beria (Seikon no Qwaser)

This is another one that really surprised me. Teresa has silly hair, and weird looking nipples. She’s the “easiest” girl in a show full of easy girls. But upon reflection, there may not be a more giving soul on this list than Teresa. I consider Mutsumi and Miyuri to be significantly hotter, but Teresa’s dedication is on another level. You could go to the slammer for 20 years and Teresa would wait for you. That’s the kind of girl she is.



Miia (Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou)

Miia violates a lot of the rules I set out. Namely that she might kill you- and copulation would of course be impossible. She’s also kind of annoying. But there’s no question that she’s in it for love like few on this list are.



Oboro Shintou (Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san)

Oboro has a serious case of the baby rabies, but that’s fine.  Her over-the-top aggressiveness makes her a fun waifu candidate.



Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)

This wouldn’t be much of a list if I didn’t have at least one or two OG babes from back in the day.

Shampoo has a complicated love relationship with the titular Ranma. She wants to kill his female half, and marry his male half. I guess she kind of violates the no dying rule, though as the show goes along she is less of an assassin and more of a schemer. Her plots to win Ranma’s heart are among the better episodes in the show. She has a really nice combination of being sexy, cute, and romantically aggressive.

Another character on the show, Kasumi Tendo, would be a high ranking girl on this list too, but I couldn’t include her because she’s never had proper nipple exposure as best as I remember.



Mahoro (Mahoromatic)

Mahoro is an android, she starts her anime with a very limited life span, and she’s sexually very prude, despite getting naked a lot.  A lot a lot.

But some imperfections aside, she’s cute with a decent body and a servant’s heart.  She’s also a skilled cook and is the best girl at doing household work on the whole list.  AND she can kick some bad guy but in a pinch as well.



Elsa Crucial (Yuushibu)

There’s plenty of waifu material in the underrated Yuushibu anime (e.g. Airi Ortinet, Fino Bloodstone). I feel like Elsa is definitely worth a special nomination though as she has just such a soft and charming vibe to her. She’s also the best endowed girl in the series, which doesn’t hurt either.



Minato Nagase (Akaneiro Ni Somaru Saka)

In an anime that is named after her romantic rival, it’s actually Minato who ends up winning in the end, and you can’t really blame MC-kun for choosing her. She’s pretty much the perfect girl.



Liru (Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan)

Her anime is all but forgotten now, but Liru will live on forever in the hearts of lonely men and slutty cosplayers the world over.  Just one look at that body and you’ll suddenly start feeling way less judgemental about furries.

Liru never has a boyfriend so it’s hard to judge her waifu quality. She does have a lot of bubbly positivity though, and she’s super hot.

I guess what put her over the top was the hentai “Wolf girl with you” by Seismic. I know it’s not canon, but I don’t think you could watch that hentai game and not find a spot for her on this list somewhere.



Mio Naruse (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

A good waifu should be deredere, so I generally try to avoid putting tsundere’s on a list like this. By the end of the series however, this character has effectively ditched the tsundere act completely and becomes quite domesticated. Mio’s ecchi scenes are some of the funnest ever, so that helped get her on this list too.



Musubi (Sekirei)

Sekirei is full of violent women who would otherwise make great waifus. Musubi is a fish out of water but she’s always positive and endearing and has absolutely zero attitude. She’s a bit of a ditz I guess, but she’s pure of heart and that’s good enough for me.



Jubei Yagyu (Samurai Girls)

Much like Moka, Jubei will sometimes morph into a powerful warrior with a very different personality. That said, 90% of the time she’s perky, carefree, and horny as shit (but only for her man). Of all the many girls who strip down in the Samurai Girls franchise, none do it with more bubbly cheer than Jubei does.



Kurumu Kurono (Rosario + Vampire)

Kurumu is I guess kind of violent, and she’s a succubus. So that’s kind of a problem. But she’s hot, and she tries really hard when she has her sights set on someone. Being romantically pursued by Kurumu would be a headache, but also a lot of fun.



Yurisia Farandole (Masou Gakuen HxH)

Of all the main girls MC-Kun must do ecchi things with in HxH, none throw themselves into it more than Yurisa does. Before long, SHE’S the one initiating it with our hero. The moment I knew she had to be on this list when she started sliding his face through her boobs like he was a credit card. That’s true love right there.



Zest (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

Her name literally means “great enthusiasm and energy.” The character certainly lives up to it. She starts the series as an antagonist, but it doesn’t take long before she joins one of the best harems ever and quickly rises up the ranks. Much like Yurisia and Tamamo, Zest will do anything to please her man and that’s a quality that really helps a character make this list.



Haruna Sairenji (To Love-Ru)

Haruna is the initial crush of the main character in To Love-Ru, and it’s probably not because of her looks (almost every other girl in the series is hotter). It’s because she has waifu qualities out the ying-yang. Maybe no character on this list feels like a more natural home-maker.



Chisaki Miyazaki (Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san)

Chisaki is basically the Haruna of her series, but I give her a slight edge here because she’s hotter.



Tomo Yamanobe (Seikon no Qwaser)

This is another name that surprised me. Tomo isn’t really my type personally, much like Teresa isn’t. But you can’t deny the waifu qualities. She has a soft and pleasant personality, and seems to be well liked by everyone. There might not be a more waifu move than having a naked apron scene, and Tomo has arguably the best naked apron scene of all time.



Celia Cumani Aintree (Walkure Romanze)

As is typical for a Ricotta production, Walkure Romanze is full of waifu-able candidates for our hero to choose from.  Celia is basically the perfect woman, maybe even the most perfect woman on this entire list.  She is extremely beautiful, well-endowed, of noble standing, rich, elegant, and skilled.  And yet somehow miraculously she is all those things and is still down to earth.



Rana Linchen (FREEZING)

Rana is the most romantically aggressive girl in FREEZING. She’s a bit more of a free spirit than a lot of names on this list but there’s no denying she is a fierce competitor for love.



Kazumi Schlierenzauer (Gokukoku no Brynhildr)

If she was better looking I’d definitely have her in the top ten. What she makes up for with a plain body and simple looks is a “never take no for an answer” attitude when it comes to pursuing her man.



Xenovia Quarta (High School DxD)

Xenovia starts off as a minor character, but over time she has become one of the more aggressive and likable girls in the DxD harem. With every new season it just feels like her stock is even higher than it was before.  Given the massive amount of high quality renders and images of her, it almost feels like I’m underselling her rising popularity.



Eris (Asobi ni Iku Yo!) 

Of course Eris had to make a list like this.  Much like Musubi she’s a fish out of water character from a different planet. Of all the characters on this list, Eris is probably the easiest to befriend.  At 178cm (5’10”) she’s one of the tallest girls on this list too.  It’s hard to judge her waifu qualities, but few girls can match her combination of beauty and pleasantness.



Lala Satalin Deviluke (To Love-Ru)

Lala is bit of an airhead.  She’s kind of bland too, compared to all the other girls in the To Love-Ru harem.  But there’s no denying that’s she’s kind hearted and beautiful.  She’s the #1 arranged marriage girl of all time.  It’s just too bad for Lala that she’s going to have to share.



Charlotte Hazelrink (Princess Lover!)

Princess Lover! is convenient for a list like this, because the entire premise of the game and anime was the MC looking for a bride.  Of all the bridal candidates, Charlotte ticks off the waifu boxes the best, and she’s probably the best looking of the group too.



Satellizer el Bridget (FREEZING)

Satellizer is super violent on the battlefield, but in the bedroom it’s a total 180 degree flip.  She’s one of the most submissive girls on the whole list (including one unfortunate scene where you wish she hadn’t been, nevermind that).  Very few girls can match her beauty, elegance, and sex appeal.  Half the time she’s a ruthless badass, half the time she’s a shy cutey, all while being a complete bombshell all the time.



Centorea Shianus (Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou)

You can pretty much forget kids with Centorea.  There’s all kinds of bedroom problems I don’t even want to get into here (though you can find plenty of even weirder places on the internet that will).  With all that said, I place Centorea really high for a few reasons:  She has a big heart, she’s cute, she’s ridiculously well endowed, she’s dutiful, I could go on.  Sure, she’d probably kill you in the first week of your relationship after she rolls over in her sleep, but it would be worth it.



Yuki Nonaka (Shinmai Maou no Testament)

As the resident “ass girl” character in Testament’s epic harem, Yuki quickly emerges as the best choice.  She’s hot.  She kicks butt while showing off her butt, how cool is that?  She’s submissive and aggressive each in the best ways possible.  Her determination to seduce are eclipsed only by the next girl on the list.



Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

Arguably the sexiest girl ever in anime.  Akeno is a prime waifu candidate as well.  Sure, her character is more than a little cliched, including that corny laugh of her’s.  She isn’t perfect.  But no girl in anime history has been as aggressive while looking as good.  Akeno’s jealousy drives her to take things further and further, which is great fun.  Nobody can please a man quite like Akeno can.



Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

It’s often said that with redheads many of them aren’t that special, but when you find a hot redhead, they are VERY hot.  Rias is the epitome of this truism.  But she’s more than just a beauty.  She’s also extremely smart, capable, and even a natural leader.  Other than one weird part in season three, Rias has generally been steady as a rock emotionally and has a rare level of maturity.  Voice actress Yoko Hikasa is great in everything, but she really gives her very best work with this character.  She’s not just a good marriage candidate, it would feel like an honor to marry her.  She’s the Harem King’s steady girl, and for good reason.



Momo Belia Deviluke (To Love-Ru)

Momo is the ultimate underdog.  She’s a short-haired girl who doesn’t even come into the series until dozens of other, hotter girls were introduced first.  Her older sister Lala has basically every possible advantage over her in regards to her pursuit of Rito, including an arranged marriage.  Momo is fairly average looking by the standards of her series (although her sex appeal does grow on you over time).

But Momo tops this list, and does so easily, because of her personality.  She will do anything to get her man, even if it means the only way she can get him is by creating and then joining an actual harem. This would be utterly unthinkable for most girls, so it just goes to show how serious Momo is about finding a pathway for her love.

She’s also got a gentle heart (voiced perfectly by Aki Toyosaki, who also voiced Tomo from previously on this list).  There’s a softness to her character that is extremely appealing.

And though she’s not the top beauty on the list, she does the absolute most with what she’s got. Her playful sexuality is great fun.  It’s not really a surprise that To Love-Ru peaked in popularity at a time when her character was given the most attention.  She’s terrific.



Top Ten waifu’s by other fapservice writers:


(Keep in mind they have their own rules and criteria, they aren’t going by mine)




10.) Aisha clan-clan (basically fucking an anthropomorphic space sex tiger)
9.) Cattleya (unfortunately used-goods, but her mature giant tits part is still a winner)
8.) Chigusa (brunette, the nurse from Green Green, one of the only animu characters to show pubic hair I’ve ever seen)
7.) Steel Angel Saki (brunette, power to lift a car – what’s not to like?)
6.) Aki (K-cup nurse from Maken-Ki, and the unfortunate recipient of Takeda’s mind break fetish in the recent manga…)
5.) Kirika Misono (Eiken’s purple-haired, phallic-symbol-sucking bakunyuu machine)
4.) Makise Kurisu (the soul-healing, genius guardian angel of one Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate)
3.) Kirie Kojima (A top-shelf, top-body, wrestling-move-loving waifu from back before I even knew what waifu meant)
2.) Mafuyu/Tomo (Seikon sisters, total fetish bait but with slightly smaller bakunyuu tits)
1.) Chifusa/Kagefusa (Manyuu sisters, total fetish bait)


10- Amaha (Witchblade)
9- Shizuka (High school of the dead)
8- Tomo (Seikon no Qwaser)
7- Kindness (Seven Heavenly Virtues)
6- Chacha (Maken ki)
5- Darkness (Konosuba)
4- Kagefusa (Manyuu)
3- Akeno (dxd)
2- Cattleya (Queens Blade)
1- Yuko Sagiri (Triage X)


10. Ikaruga (Senran Kagura)
9. Mamori Tokonome (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)
8. Maika Sakuranomiya (Blend S)
7. Iori Minase (The [email protected])
6. Urara Oikawa (Seikon No Qwaser)
5. Akeno Himejima (High School DXD)
4. Kirie Kojima (Girls Bravo!)
3. Nanael (Queen’s Blade)
2. Maria Naruse (Testament of Sister New Devil)
1. Shiro (No Game No Life)


10. Rebecca Randall (Seikoku no Dragonar)
9. Satsuki Kitaouji (Ichigo 100%)
8. Takao (D-Frag!)
7. Saori Shikikagami (Ladies versus Butlers!)
6. Shizuku Sangou (Kämpfer)
5. Tira Misu (Bakuretsu Hunters)
4. Ai-chan (Getsuyoubi no Tawawa)
3. Himekima Akeno (High School DxD)
2. Haruka Amanogawa (Amaenaide yo!!)
1. Kirie Kojima (Girls Bravo)


10. Mahoro (mahoromatic)
9. Amane Suou (grisaia)
8. Sanae Shikikagami (ladies x butlers)
7. Ayana Kakinozaka (Asa made)
6. Hayuru Himekawa (hxh)
5. Miyako YAMASHINA (we without wings)
4. Lisa Fukuyama (bravo)
3. Naeka Fujiwara (maid guy)
2. Chisato (sister devil)
1. Rossweise (dxd)

Vincent Autumnhaven

10. Eco (dragonor academy)
9. Elma (dragon maid)
8. Juvia (Fairy tail)
7. Uni (hyperdimension)
6. Ravel (highschool did)
5. Kafuru (Senran kagura)
4. Yunyun (konosuba)
3. Yami (to love ru)
2. Tomonori (is this a zombie?)
1. Nemesis (to love ru)

Chaotic Thinker

10. Shiina Miyako (Majikoi)
9. Yagyu Gisen (Samurai Girls / Bride)
8. Momo Belia Deviluke (To Love Ru Darkness)
7. Grabel (Masou Gakuen HxH)
6. Nonaka Yuki (Testament of Sister New Devil)
5. Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead)
4. Belphegor (Sin: Nanatzu no Taizai)
3. Sarashiki Tatenashi (Infinite Stratos)
2. Xenovia Quarta (HS DxD)
1. Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario Vampire)


10. Constantly changing so can’t decide on these places.
9. ^
8. ^
7. ^
6. ^
5. ^
4. ^
3. ^
2. Manako (Monster Musume)
1. Subaru (.hack//Sign)



Ok readers, who are your top waifus?