Girls Bravo Episode 2

Today. . .  Banana’s.
Tomorrow. . . Banana’s.
Dear lord Miharu can have as many banana’s as she wants.

Hello guy’s, E101EPiC here with the episode 2 review of Girls Bravo! I was going straight to a VN review but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some Girls Bravo! I have a soft spot for Girls Bravo as it was the Harem/Ecchi show that started it all for me. Even before my times at Fapservice, this show made me love the relaxed nature of ecchi content.

I would also like to personally thank and give credit to ScissorMeTimbors for making the stitches for this Episode of Girls Bravo.

Maybe its a very minor thing, but the female cast kind of had a little bit of design for everyone, especially at a time where archetypes weren’t that well known to western audiences. Miharu the pink haired girl is especially special since her heroine value goes way beyond just being the signature, “main girl”, and instead has the exact purpose of being the girl that does not trigger the allergies that Yukinari has. Which believe it or not is a big selling point in my book.
Every episode begins with a signature bath scene:

Series like this are great because you don’t really have to predict what happens next, just go with the flow and know Miharu is completely innocent to lifestyle and nudity in Japan.

Miharu dives into Yukinari’s arms asking him to join her in the bath. After which Kirie punishes Yukinari for the incident. All but Miharu go to school, but at the promise of some curry bread, Miharu travels her way to locating the school. In which she runs into the Banana Salesman.
Prepare for imagery at its finest.


And then she makes it to school… Where we meet Fukuyama, the horndog of the series and the main reason for the nudity and groping scenes in the series.

Yukinari’s Imagination

Fukuyama takes Miharu to all the bathrooms in the school. The female ones. After which Yukinari gives chase

Due to pressure of Fukuyama threatening to take Miharu away and Yukinari being afflicted to his allergic reaction and getting beaten up: Miharu Explodes. Like a giant pink energy ball the wipes everything out. The aftermath below, Fukuyama gets thrown into the mens washroom, where we find out Fukuyama has the same allergic reaction: But only to men.



Stitches: Provided by ScissorMeTimbres





Looking forward to more Girls Bravo fun in the future!  -E101EPiC