Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai Fanservice Review Episode 06

Technically there’s another nipple sighting this week, though for the most part service takes a backseat to story and character development.


There’s your nipples for the episode.


The pink glowing picture is supposed to be an extremely lewd picture.  It remains the same whether viewed on the censored or uncensored broadcast.  It’s probably going to stay that way on BD since it’s meant as a gag.  But I guess we’ll see.


End card art.



Overall Thoughts


This episode had decent enough story and character interaction, but it was also frustrating.  The scene where Yuu and Suzuka act in a play had some nice dialogue, but still feels totally disposable, as did the scene where they visit Ahegao.  Granted, they are okay scenes, but if they have time for scenes like these at random, then why not find time for naked time scenes?

The show is 60% complete, and only one character so far has had a proper nude scene.  Maybe the specials end up being great, but it would be a mistake to lean on specials to such a degree.  The whole fun of watching ecchi anime is the feeling that a naked scene could be around the corner at any moment.  There doesn’t have to be a nude scene in every episode, but one in six just isn’t going to cut it.

It would just be a bummer if several of these characters never got a proper nude scene at all, which I’m starting to fear is a real possibility.  What a waste of cute girls and sexy outfits, if that’s the case.