Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 3:

After 7 years, they have really grown up a lot. (^_^)

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile!! Let’s continue with the story of Ulysses Jeanne d’Arc!! In this episode, Montmorency started that Jeanne is the saint, the legendary virgin from the prophecy that ends the Hundred Years War between English and France!!

As soon as the voices start spreading, Jeanne and Montmorency continued their journey to Chinnon to meet Princess Charlotte to make her a knight and a commander of the French Army.

They were ambushed by assassins during their journey but they still made it to their destinations. In the palace, Montmorency was suddenly kidnapped was missing on the way to meet Princess Charlotte.

Thinking that Jeanne is probably a hoax trying to cheat for money,¬†Charlotte tries to mock her by switching her place on the throne with a maid during a party, but with Astaroth’s help Jeanne finds out the trick immediately and gained some respect from others.



Meanwhile, Montmorency finds himself locked up in a prison together with Ritchemont!! It’s been 7 years since they’ve meet up with each other. Richemont is disappointed that Montmorency didn’t rescue her when she was captured.

She had chosen to swear her loyalty to King Henry V, hoping to gain enough consideration in both kingdoms to negotiate the end of the war. However, her plans did not succeed as King Henry suddenly fell ill and passed away. After King Henry’s death, she decided to escape back to France due to his brother’s sinister ego. But when she returned to France, she was branded as a traitor and was put to jail.

Jeanne was talking together with Princess Charlotte. While she saves Princess Charlotte from an assassination,¬†at the end of the battle a mysterious man named Girald appears from nowhere saying that the assassin’s true objective was to make Jeanne weak enough to claim the Philosopher’s Stone.

And that is all for this episode!! Stay tune for the following episodes to see how Montmorency turning the tides from all these unfavorable circumstances!! Last but not least, hope everyone of you find the fanservice in this anime enjoyable!! (^_-) Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v