Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 6


Flashbacks and nudity.


This episode was mainly focused on battles but with that we were given some clothing destruction as well as seeing a new transformation scene. We also get a short locker room scene with Miyabi’s group also. This episode also serves as some explanation on Asuka vs Yumi for those that had never played the games.


We get some Shinovi Versus stuff shown at the start as a flashback on what was the main source of Asuka and Yumi fighting back then for those that never played the games. Yumi wanting to eliminate all evil shinobi like her grandfather wanted in order to make the world a better place and Asuka believing both need to exist.

Asuka and Yumi get ready to fight as Fubuki asks Asuka if she still can knowing what she does. Asuka then promises to tell Yumi everything after they win. Before they fight Fubuki though they first have to go through Senkou and Gekkou. We now get to see their transformation scenes for the first time now as well.

As they fight Yumi is questioned on why she no longer follows her grandfather’s teachings anymore. During this as Yumi starts to lose they announce to those watching that the purpose of the tournament is to show everyone watching who the strong really are and what belief people should follow in regards to justice with their victory as proof. As Yumi continues to fight and start to win she points out that people can change as time goes on and that is why she does things differently now.

Meanwhile Homura and the others are still trying to figure out how to save everyone from Hanzo after seeing that a youma is standing guard. Rin suggests climbing in the vent to sneak around and so they do only for it to start to break.

We get more flashbacks to the Asuka and Yumi fight and how Yumi refused to believe anything differently and how they continued to fight until her grandfather showed up to stop it.

Gekkou tells Yumi how both her and Senkou found her grandfather’s diary at the school once which detailed all his battles against evil shinobi and decided they wanted to be like that as well (shame it didn’t chronicle his sexual exploits as well as that would make their behaviors take a super interesting turn wanting to be like him). Yumi tells her she and the others were the same way having been told about his stories as well from him and how they wanted to be like him also. Gekkou questions why she won’t join them then till she points out how Asuka taught them how wrong her grandfather’s view of killing all evil shinobi was.

While Miyabi and her group are in the showers after having lost earlier the vent above them collapses as Homura and the others fall in. Rin sees this as a good opportunity and tells them that they need the help of Miyabi’s group so that both of them can save the Hanzo girls.

Miyabi’s group confronts the youma while Homura’s hides to attack from behind only for the youma to surprise them by talking to them as they come out to attack it. Both groups then get ready to fight it while having no idea what is going on with it.

Meanwhile Asuka and Yumi are able to finish the battle against Gekkou and Senkou and beat them. We then see another flashback showing how Yumi’s grandfather stopped their battle and admitted defeat to Asuka and her way of thinking as both of them realized they were wrong thanks to Asuka as her grandfather encourages Yumi to be something different then he was.

With both of them beaten the only one left is Fubuki which Yumi says she will handle on her own. Asuka still tries to get up but is told to stay out of the fight since she took too much damage during the fight and to leave it to her as Yumi heads toward Fubuki for the fake final boss fight. Asuka then panics as the whole reason she was doing everything was to prevent the two of them from fighting specifically as the episode ends.



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This episode was another story focused episode but it still managed to give some nudity throughout it this time. Obviously during these serious battle type things the service will mainly come from clothing damage and transformation scenes which we not only got but also got some new stuff as well since we got to see Gekkou and Senkou nude within the show now instead of just the ED credits.

The episode had a bunch of flashbacks which were mainly to let people that had never played the games after the first season know at least some details about Asuka and Yumi and their past together. It also was to help highlight how Gekkou and Senkou were pretty much just Yumi 2.0 and were in the same situation she was. This episode felt like a before the final battle type episode but since we know the show is only halfway over that isn’t going to be the case.

Chances are next week will be the false final battle against Fubuki with either her escaping to come back later or someone else probably taking the spot of the real final boss like the youma the others met. Chances are we might get service of Fubuki next week during her fight presumably so that should be something new to see. Also since Miyabi and Homura’s groups are fighting the youma which will probably be a major enemy then it is also possible we will see them all lose and suffer clothing destruction as well maybe and since Rin is there probably her also in order to stress how strong it is and maybe the youma will lose its clothes as well.

The title of the next episode almost makes it seem like an ending so perhaps everything will be temporarily resolved and everyone will go back to normal after next week. That would actually work out well if they did that as it would make way for a non serious episode afterwards which could be filled with service while everyone is resting before the remaining episodes bring everyone back for the final part. The kikai dome stuff will probably be used for the rest of the story I would assume after this because of it being referenced so much throughout. Hopefully the New Wave characters that are also watching the fights end up being used for the second half of the show as well.

They make it seem like Fubuki is going to be Yumi’s grandmother and that maybe the training part showing her was just a false flag to trick the viewer and was someone else. Would make sense since we already have seen Asuka’s grandmother so doing the same for Yumi would work as well. Though there is the possibility of her just being her sister instead or another granddaughter of her grandfather’s that she never knew about.