Girls Bravo Episode 20 DVD Fanservice Review

Probably the best episode in terms of Expressions! School Festival is Bravo!

You know who needs a man? Maharu!
You know who needs to find it for her? Tomoka and Koyomi!
But by a twist of fate during the school festival, Maharu gets teleported to Earth.
But first a Bath Scene
From: Hijiri! Who’s she? Well all we know now is that she’s from Seiren, and is communicating with that person Yukinari ran into at the convention.

Its not much of a bath Scene, but we take those. . . During the school festival Tomoka and Koyomi dress up in school uniforms and take a little break. Only for Koyomi to Completely Blab about how bad Maharu is when being cheered up. Koyomi wearing very thick glasses at the time, pretty much seals her fate, as she is chased by a very angry Maharu.

After Maharu ran into Yukinari, got rightfully angry at Koyomi, she tosses Yukinari into Koyomi for the classic forced sixty-nine mishap. However the girls won’t be had yet. While running away Tomoka and Koyomi throw as many men between them and Maharu as they can: Including Fukuyama and Mamoru.

Maharu spared the two, however she still affirmed that while those two can still have fun. Their ultimate goal is to find her a suiter. Next time! Sunny Afternoon is Bravo!

Stitches by ScissorMeTimbers!

Hands by Scissor!

Okay what? I’m electing to include all of these. Why? Because I know exactly how difficult hands are to draw in anime style, take a second to appreciate this and for you artists out there include this model into some of your drawings!