Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Fanservice Review Episode 4

Believe it or not, this is the Halloween post for this year. Spooky naked ghost in a pool. How very scary… I swear, I better not see any senpai of the pool memes in the comments section.

I really would have preferred to have something more in the spirit of Halloween used for today rather than this. This particular episode wasn’t really eerie like the last one either, so it was less fitting for today. Some setbacks elsewhere made the initial plans for today’s post  (*cough* Nightwalkers manga comp *cough*) get cancelled, so it was either this, or an artbook comp (which has more service, but since I thought it would have been rather small to use as a holiday-themed post for a respective day, due to the small number of images in it, I decided to throw this together, even it’s not much better. I can’t really have Scissors post the artbook comp along with this because of how little articles we seem to have ready this season, so this year’s Halloween post is gonna be this lackluster article. BOO-hoo…

I’m including this featured image here because the one on the front page had its image quality reduced when it got shrunk, much to my dismay. Can’t include the PNG version at the moment since it needs to be optimized before I can make it available. It’s too large as-is, exceeding 20MB.

Ghost girl, MC, and co. have some fun times. This is basically your fanservice filler beach episode halfway through, except it happens in a pool instead of a beach. Then MC and ghost girl have fun times, and get in some salacious hand-holding while they’re at it. Too lewd. I make this sound like it’s going to be sexy, but I think the last episode got farther thanks to the levels of skinskip it showed (barring nudity, because clearly our simpleton minds wouldn’t be able to handle nudity in a show with a ghost girl that gets naked like half the time).

Service is a bit low in this article. ghost girl and the other girls in the show put on some bikinis, giving some decent eyecandy. Then the thick-headed blonde girl puts on a school swimsuit, which ends up not really complementing her figure when compared to the swimsuit she had donned right before it (MC is forced to look away thanks to ghost girl being jealous, and blondie, who can’t see ghost girl, takes it the wrong way, thinking that the MC finds her swimsuit to be too revealing.) The extent of the service otherwise is from ghost girl going bare (non-nude though, as per usual). Not much of an eventful episode, sadly. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless. And maybe next Halloween will bring a better Halloween-themed post than this.


Episode 4


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As usual, no webms in the article itself because fuck gfycat’s webm player and its need to be worked around just to not crash the page on mobile devices. Not much for me to say. I did have a few manga comps in mind for Halloween, but Wiz beat me to the punch for Night Bound, and the other one isn’t very Halloween-themed, although it did give some spotlight to my favorite female character from that series, who sadly got little service in the main series.  Thankfully, this spin-off, which was what I had in mind to cover, alleviated that. Really though, I’ve been a bit busier with irl stuff this season, so not many openings  for me to work on stuff (and FGO is the only other priority I have over site stuff). This post already had the media made, so it didn’t take much work to put together the article. Not gonna disclose the name so that no one beats me to the punch in covering it, but I’ll say this; it was handled by a renown artist with an anime of one of their works being animated this season. Happy Halloween, and ’till next time!