Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 3 & 4

This hero is overly cautious, ….. ( it doesn’t matter as it always ends up something exaggerated) XD 

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review of Shinchou Yuusha, the overly cautious hero!! Although there wasn’t much of fanservice and more of comedy but since it has some nipple sightings, it has a priority over Choyoyu!! Not sure whether those mosaics will be removed in the BD. XD

Episode 3: 

The episode begins with Rista having teatime with Aria (Ariadoa, Goddess of Divine Melons) XD Seiya suddenly barge in the place only to informs Rista that his level increase has started to slow down. Ristarte tries to convince him to level up by fighting monsters on Gaelbarde. However, Seiya refuses, Aria suggests he train with a god, so she and Rista introduces Seiya to the Divine Blade God, Cerceus, who has never stop training for centuries.

As the days goes by, Rista sees Cerceus at the cafeteria but whenever she mentions the hero, Cerceus becomes depressed and refused to talk much about it. XD On the forth day of training, Rista finds Cerceus hiding while visiting them because Seiya has already surpassed him but still refuses to let him take a break.

After Rista learns from Ishtar that the Demon Lord is sending Death Makura and his undead army to attack the town of Seimul in response of Death Makina’s death. It was foreseen that there will also be 2 warriors that will become their allies.

Rista takes Seiya to the town of Seimul and upon reaching the church, Seiya reveals that Father Marth is an undead in disguise and defeats him without even drawing his sword. He then thoroughly destroys the undead body with his fire magic and also destroys the church in the process. Afterwards, he pours holy water on everyone to ensure that they’re not undead. XD (it’s pretty rude to pour water like this, why not try to let them drink it instead)

Episode 4: 

Outside the destroyed church, they were confronted by a group of knights. Fortunately, the nun clears up the situation and they all asked Seiya to help them. Seiya initially decides to defeat the undead army on his own until he reluctantly brings Ristarte along with him. XD Here’s where the nip slip occurs but the facial expression is kinda derp. XD

When they arrive in the area where the undead army is, Seiya uses the Meteor Strike skill twice to wipe them out. This reminds me of some skills from FF7, not sure whether he learned this from Cloud or really from beating Cerceus. XD

After that, they went on in defeating the Demon Lord’s Four Heavenly Kings – Death Magura. The fight is kinda interesting as Death Magura initially summoned a monster that looks like Fumikage Tokoyami and said that only someone like Shoto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia could defeating him. But the hero Seiya still has his ways as he impersonates someone like Midoriya to defeat the monster. Doesn’t looked alike but it somehows looks like it. XD

That’s all for the fanservice review for the episode of Shinchou Yuusha and we hoped that you’re still enjoying this anime!! (^^)/ Please stay tuned for more of this Goddess of Comedy- Rista in the upcoming episodes. (^^)v