Girls Bravo Episode 21 DVD Fanservice Review

Koyomi’s hunt for her father, and a full scale Koyomi

As you read above, this is a episode dedicated to Koyomi. So as expected, we start our bath scene with our lovely purple haired girl.



After Koyomi gets out of the bathroom, she overhears Yukinari having a conversation with his Dad. As Yukinari’s parents are nowhere to be seen, just like every other main anime-protagonist’s, he has a regular conversation about his fathers general health. Koyomi looks a little depressed at the thought of her own situation.

In the morning, the question of what the three spots on Miharu’s forehead are there for. The conversation leads to two fantasy’s about what Miharu would be like if she had no marks on her forehead. The first is a super Tsundere heroine, and the second is… well just a serial murderer.

After this shenanigan, and a make-up shenanigan on Miharu’s face, Koyomi walks in the room. In a local news story Koyomi notices a gentleman that looks like her father in the background of the interview. She sets off with a photo of her father to look for him. The group follows her, and when the group does something, so does Fukuyama and Risa.


The group decides to help them any way they can, even making a copy of the photo and standing on the street on their own to find Koyomi’s father. Moral of the story for Koyomi? Trust in your friend’s and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Moral of the story of Tomoka and Fukuyama? Don’t make a full scale copy of Koyomi in a one-piece swimsuit, attracting a really wrong crowd. . .


After the group settles down, we find out where Koyomi’s father really is: Passed out in a random house with Hijiri, one of the main antagonists. She is reporting to a cloaked individual.

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