Soukou no Strain DVD Fanservice Review Episodes 07 – 07 [UPDATED]


Finally the episode of Strain that ecchi fans have been waiting for…


I wound up re-watching yet another older anime from 2006 recently which gives me a chance to put together some fanservice reviews.  Oldie.  But Goldie.  But the surprise is that it’s a Type A show that has both nipples and yuri.  And somehow didn’t get tagged as ecchi very often.

Fair warning: most of the good stuff takes place in the middle of the show which looks the be in my third review which is next.  So please be patient and please  try to avoid posting spoilers in the comments…

You can find a plot summary and tags from AniDB or from my first review.

Episode 07

Exercise boob bounce is nice.  Looking up her shirt is even nicer.  Bra-less?

001-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 002-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 003-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 004-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch

005-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 006-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 009-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

Nice Lavinia panty shot.  Even better things to come…

010-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 011-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 013-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 014-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 015-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 016-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 017-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 018-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

Once again, this anime has actual kissing.  Nice…

021-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 022-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 024-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

She wants it…  xD


And Lavinia wants Sara…

030-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 031-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 032-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 033-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch

034-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 035-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

What an imagination Lavinia has…

037-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 038-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 039-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 040-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

045-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 046-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 048-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 049-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 050-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 051-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 052-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 054-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 055-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 056-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 057-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 058-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 059-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch

Nipples sighted!  Yes, this is the episode of Strain that has the most fanservice (and more than the rest combined) including a good helping of nudity with nipples.

060-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 061-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 062-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 063-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 064-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 065-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 066-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 067-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 068-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 069-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

070-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 071-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 072-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 073-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 074-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

075-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 076-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-stitch 077-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 078-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 080-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 081-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

And yuri happens.  This time for real, not just imagination…

082-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 083-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 084-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 085-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

086-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 087-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 088-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 089-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 090-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 091-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 092-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 093-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap


Jessie was ambushed with yuri but she likes it…

095-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 096-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap



102-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 103-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 104-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 105-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 106-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 107-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 108-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 109-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 110-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 111-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 112-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 113-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 114-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 115-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 116-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 117-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 118-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 119-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 120-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 121-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

122-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 123-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 124-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 125-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

WTH?  I can’t believe that Lavinia ran away after Jessie said yes to yuri…

126-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 127-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 128-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 129-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 130-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

131-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 132-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 133-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 134-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

And now Lavinia unintentionally goes for public nudity.  Much to the appreciation of guys on the ship…  xD

135-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 136-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 137-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 138-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 139-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 140-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 141-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 142-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 143-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 144-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 145-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 146-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 147-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 148-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 149-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 150-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 151-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 152-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 153-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 154-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 155-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 156-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

157-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 158-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 159-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 160-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 161-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 162-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 163-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

Lavinia does have a nice pair of tits…



Now it’s time for some bare ass…

166-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 167-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 168-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 169-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 170-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 171-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 172-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

And Lavinia’s naked lap (or two or three or more) around the ship becomes legendary and a running gag and part of the plot later on.  Nicely done…

173-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 177-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 179-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap

And back to Lavinia’s imaginary yuri…

187-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 189-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 190-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap 191-soukou-no-strain-dvd-ep-07-snap



I found some but not a lot of omake for a 10-year old anime.  I will be spreading those out amongst all my Soukou no Strain reviews.  There are a couple of good ones but I saved those for this review since they match up with the ecchi in the middle of the show.

soukou-no-strain-fr-eps-07-07-omake-01 soukou-no-strain-fr-eps-07-07-omake-02 soukou-no-strain-fr-eps-07-07-omake-03 soukou-no-strain-fr-eps-07-07-omake-04


Finally the episode that ecchi fans have been waiting.  Most of the fanservice for the entire show is in this episode.  Unexpected for a Type A show.  But a real treat for ecchi fans.  Think of of it as an intermission.  And enjoy it…

Wish more recent shows would take an intermission like this and give fans some tasty fanservice as a treat.  Nowadays you have to hope for an OVA since it’s rarely done as part of an anime that is trying to be mainstream.

Ironically, most viewers don’t seem to watch Soukou no Strain for the PLOT.  They watch it for the plot instead.  Myself included.  So the amount of Type B stuff really sneaks up on you.  I remembered the Type A stuff but had forgotten a lot of the ecchi and fanservice.  So my recent re-watch was a pleasant surprise.  Especially since there was enough material for a fanservice review.  Including nipples and yuri.  But please be patient.  Once again, most of the good stuff happens in the middle of the show.  Think of it as an intermission…

Another thing that surprised me during my re-watch is how pretty much every episode has a least a little fanservice.  More than I had remembered.  Unfortunately, too much of it happens off in the distance except during the good parts in the middle of the show.  But sometimes that brief bit of fanservice per episode is better than expected.

Strain does try to be a serious show.  Maybe that’s why we don’t see the ecchi tag too often.  I really liked how the tried to be realistic about FTL (Faster Than Light) space travel.  A lot of science fiction doesn’t even try…

Fair warning: Soukou no Strain is a Type A show not a Type B show.  Don’t be surprised by blood or character deaths.  Also, it does have cliffhangers so it’s sometimes hard to watch just one episode at a time.

I’m not usually a fan of gloomy girls but I did wind up liking both Sara and Lottie a lot.

Cute Girls.  Mecha.  Spaceships.  Space battles.  In a setting that has a pretty decent plot for anime.  Ecchi.  Nipples.  Yuri.  Fanservice.  For thirteen episodes, Soukou no Strain does a pretty good job of checking off  a number of check-boxes so ecchi fans might want to take a look…


I used Iznjie Biznjie 480p R2J DVD fansubs for my review.  Most of the torrents for Soukou no Strain seem to be dead and these had the best video quality of the ones I could download.

All of my HD WebMs were included.   But for downloading, you can find my albums here: 07.


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