Girls Bravo Episode 8 DVD fanservice review

Warning, do not imitate anything that goes on in this episode. Multiplying yourself is unscientific!

No nudity this episode, but a couple good shots! I won’t even have to talk much about this episode, since this is more of a what you see is what you get episode. Miharu drinks straight up alcohol out of the chemistry lab. For some reason due to her seiren magic physiology she multiplies! Which is great for Fukuyama, however not so great for anything in the food business. We start off with Miharu in the bath!

So, if there really is a moral here . . . Do not drink any chemical, or open liquids in a lab!!!

Let the multiplication begin!

Banana man didn’t know what hit him!


And that’s how Fukuyama became a local hero!


Stitches: With credit from ScissorMeTimbers!




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