Ikkitousen Western Wolves Fanservice Review Episode 01

There have never been as many nude scenes in a single episode of this legendary series than in the first episode of Western Wolves.  That bodes well for what’s left, and hopefully beyond.





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Overall Thoughts:


The first thing that immediately hits you when watching this OVA is how well it is produced.  We’re in an era where ecchi shows are less and less common, with lower and lower production values.  The production values here though are more in line with what you were used to in 2009 as opposed to 2019.

The art style is a perfect marriage of the ARMS productions of the oughts with their very marketable, attractive character designs, while staying true to the body types of the manga.  There are some shots which make Hakufu and Unchou’s breasts ridiculously long, and that’s actually staying true to the how the source material drew them.  The butt shots also are taking increased inspiration from the manga, which has a thing for crumpled poses.

There are a few minor imperfections (drawing a nice butt is really hard to do for most animators it seems, and they predictably wimped out on any potential Koumei service), but this was basically a best case scenario: tons of great looking nudity.

As far as I can tell, most of not all of the stuff that happens in this episode is taken directly from the manga.  The pacing is really fast, with the likely intention being to get to as many nude scenes as possible.  If this keeps up, we might get as much nudity from three episodes of Western Wolves than we did from an entire season of DxD Hero.

Hopefully this series succeeds for whoever is financing it.  It’s off to a great start.  I want to see way more than three episodes if they are all going to be this good.

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